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1956Lauren K. Soth (Des Moines Register and Tribune)
1960Lenoir Chambers (Virginian–Pilot)
1964Hazel Brannon Smith (Lexington [Miss.] Advertiser)
1978Meg Greenfield (Washington Post)
1988Jane E. Healy (Orlando Sentinel)
1989Lois Wille (Chicago Tribune)
1992Maria Henson (Lexington [Ky.] Herald–Leader)


1937Anne O'Hare McCormick (New York Times)

News Photography

1954Mrs. Walter M. Schau
1986Spot news: Michel duCille and Carol Guzy (Miami Herald); features: Tom Gralish (Philadelphia Inquirer)
1987Spot news: Kim Komenich (San Francisco Examiner); features: David Peterson (Des Moines Register)
1995Spot news: Carol Guzy (Washington Post); features: Associated Press Staff
1996Spot news: Charles Porter IV, freelance photographer for Associated Press; features: Stephanie Walsh, freelance photographer for Newhouse News Service
1997Spot news: Annie Wells (The Press Democrat [Santa Rosa, Calif.]); features: Alexander Zemlianichenko (Associated Press)
1998Spot news: Martha Rial (The Pittsburgh Post–Gazette); features: Clarence Williams (The Los Angeles Times)

National Reporting

1971Lucinda Franks and Thomas Powers (United Press International)
1980Bette Swenson Orsini and Charles Stafford (St. Petersburg Times)
1990Ross Anderson, Bill Dietrich, Mary Ann Gwinn, and Eric Nalder (Seattle Times)
1991Marjie Lundstrom and Rochelle Sharpe (Gannett News Service)
1994Eileen Welsome (Albuquerque [N.M.] Tribune)
1996Alix M. Freedman (Wall Street Journal)

International Reporting

1951Keyes Beech and Fred Sparks (Chicago Daily News); Homer Bigart and Marguerite Higgins (New York Herald Tribune); Relman Morin and Don Whitehead (Associated Press)
1981Shirley Christian (Miami Herald)
1984Karen E. House (Wall Street Journal)
1986Lewis M. Simons, Pete Carey, and Katherine Ellison (San Jose Mercury News)
1990Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn (New York Times)


1936Lauren D. Lyman (New York Times)
1955Mrs. Caro Brown (Alice [Tex.] Daily Echo);1 Roland Kenneth Towery (Cuero [Tex.] Record)2
1959Mary Lou Werner (Washington [D.C.] Evening Star);1 John Harold Brislin (Scranton [Pa.] Tribune & Scrantonian)2
1960Jack Nelson (Atlanta Constitution);1 Miriam Ottenberg (Washington Evening Star)2

1. Reporting under pressure of edition deadlines.
2. Reporting not under pressure of edition deadlines.

General Local Reporting

1977Margo Huston (Milwaukee Journal)

General News Reporting

1986Edna Buchanan (Miami Herald)

Special Local Reporting

1972Timothy Leland, Gerard N. O'Neill, Stephen A. Kurkjian, and Ann DeSantis (Boston Globe)
1980Nils J. Bruzelius, Alexander B. Hawes, Jr., Stephen A. Kurkjian, Robert M. Porterfield, and Joan Vennochi (Boston Globe)
1983Loretta Tofani (Washington Post)
1984Kenneth Cooper, Joan FitzGerald, Jonathan Kaufman, Norman Lockman, Gary McMillan, Kirk Scharfenberg, and David Wessel (Boston Globe)

Investigative Reporting

1985Lucy Morgan, Jack Reed (St. Petersburg [Fla.] Times), and William K. Marimow (Philadelphia Inquirer)
1988Dean Baquet, William C. Gaines, and Ann Marie Lipinski (Chicago Tribune)
1991Joseph T. Hallinan and Susan M. Headden (Indianapolis Star)
1992Lorraine Adams and Dan Malone (Dallas Morning News)
1993Jeff Brazil and Steve Berry (Orlando [Fla.] Sentinel)
1995Stephanie Saul and Brian Donovan (Newsday)
1997Eric Nalder, Deborah Nelson, and Alex Tizon (Seattle Times)

Feature Writing

1980Madeleine Blais (Miami Herald)
1981Teresa Carpenter (Village Voice, New York)
1983Nan Robertson (New York Times)
1985Alice Steinbach (Baltimore Sun)
1988Jacqui Banaszynski (St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch)
1991Sheryl James (St. Petersburg [Fla.] Times)
1994Isabel Wilkerson (New York Times)
1997Lisa Pollak (Baltimore Sun)


1975Mary McGrory (Washington Star)
1980Ellen H. Goodman (Boston Globe)
1992Anna Quindlen (New York Times)
1993Liz Balmaseda (Miami Herald)
1997Eileen McNamara (Boston Globe)


1970Ada Louise Huxtable (New York Times)
1974Emily Genauer (Newsday Syndicate)
1983Manuela Hoelterhoff (Wall Street Journal)
1995Margo Jefferson (New York Times)
1998Michiko Kakutani (New York Times)

Explanatory Journalism

1989David Hanners, William Snyder, and Karen Blessen (Dallas Morning News)
1991Susan C. Faludi (Wall Street Journal)
1996Laurie Garrett (Newsday [Long Island, N.Y.])
1997Michael Vitez, Ron Cortes, and April Saul (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Specialized Reporting

1985Randall Savage and Jackie Crosby (Macon [Ga.] Telegraph and News)
1986Andrew Schneider and Mary Pat Flaherty (Pittsburgh Press)
1990Tamar Stieber (Albuquerque (N.M.) Journal)

Beat Reporting

1991Natalie Angier (New York Times)
1992Deborah Blum (Sacramento Bee)
1998Linda Greenhouse (New York Times)

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