Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information: 3/27/2012

Prime Min.Kay Rala Xanana GUSMAO
Vice Prime Min.Jose Luis GUTERRES
Min. of Agriculture & FisheriesMariano Assanami SABINO
Min. of Defense & SecurityKay Rala Xanana GUSMAO
Min. of Economy & DevelopmentJoao Mendes GONCALVES
Min. of EducationJoao Cancio FREITAS
Min. of FinanceEmilia Maria Valeria PIRES
Min. of Foreign AffairsZacarias Albano DA COSTA
Min. of HealthNelson MARTINS, Dr.
Min. of InfrastructurePedro LAY da Silva
Min. of JusticeIvo Jorge VALENTE
Min. of Social AffairsJose Luis GUTERRES
Min. of Social SolidarityMaria Domingas Fernandes ALVES
Min. of State Admin. & Territorial PlanningArcangelo de Jesus Gouveia LEITE
Min. of Tourism, Commerce, & IndustryGil da Costa ALVES
Ambassador to the USConstancio da Conceicao PINTO
Permanent Representative to the UN, New YorkSofia Mesquita BORGES
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