British Prime Ministers Since 1770

Find the name, term dates, and political party affiliation of every British Prime Minister from 1770 to the present.

Name Term
Lord North (Tory) 1770–1782
Marquis of Rockingham (Whig) 1782–1782
Earl of Shelburne (Whig) 1782–1783
Duke of Portland (Coalition) 1783–1783
William Pitt, the Younger (Tory) 1783–1801
Henry Addington (Tory) 1801–1804
William Pitt, the Younger (Tory) 1804–1806
Baron Grenville (Whig) 1806–1807
Duke of Portland (Tory) 1807–1809
Spencer Perceval (Tory) 1809–1812
Earl of Liverpool (Tory) 1812–1827
George Canning (Tory) 1827–1827
Viscount Goderich (Tory) 1827–1828
Duke of Wellington (Tory) 1828–1830
Earl Grey (Whig) 1830–1834
Viscount Melbourne (Whig) 1834–1834
Sir Robert Peel (Tory) 1834–1835
Viscount Melbourne (Whig) 1835–1841
Sir Robert Peel (Tory) 1841–1846
Earl Russell (Whig) 1846–1852
Earl of Derby (Tory) 1852–1852
Earl of Aberdeen (Coalition) 1852–1855
Viscount Palmerston (Liberal) 1855–1858
Earl of Derby (Conservative) 1858–1859
Viscount Palmerston (Liberal) 1859–1865
Earl Russell (Liberal) 1865–1866
Earl of Derby (Conservative) 1866–1868
Benjamin Disraeli (Conservative) 1868–1868
William E. Gladstone (Liberal) 1868–1874
Benjamin Disraeli (Conservative) 1874–1880
William E. Gladstone (Liberal) 1880–1885
Marquis of Salisbury (Conservative) 1885–1886
William E. Gladstone (Liberal) 1886–1886
Marquis of Salisbury (Conservative) 1886–1892
William E. Gladstone (Liberal) 1892–1894
Earl of Rosebery (Liberal) 1894–1895
Marquis of Salisbury (Conservative) 1895–1902
Arthur James Balfour (Conservative) 1902–1905
Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman (Liberal) 1905–1908
Herbert H. Asquith (Liberal) 1908–1915
Herbert H. Asquith (Coalition) 1915–1916
David Lloyd George (Coalition) 1916–1922
Andrew Bonar Law (Conservative) 1922–1923
Stanley Baldwin (Conservative) 1923–1924
James Ramsay MacDonald (Labour) 1924–1924
Stanley Baldwin (Conservative) 1924–1929
James Ramsay MacDonald (Labour) 1929–1931
James Ramsay MacDonald (Coalition) 1931–1935
Stanley Baldwin (Coalition) 1935–1937
Neville Chamberlain (Coalition) 1937–1940
Winston Churchill (Coalition) 1940–1945
Clement R. Attlee (Labour) 1945–1951
Sir Winston Churchill (Conservative) 1951–1955
Sir Anthony Eden (Conservative) 1955–1957
Harold Macmillan (Conservative) 1957–1963
Sir Alec Frederick Douglas-Home
Harold Wilson (Labour) 1964–1970
Edward Heath (Conservative) 1970–1974
Harold Wilson (Labour) 1974–1976
James Callaghan (Labour) 1976–1979
Margaret Thatcher (Conservative) 1979–1990
John Major (Conservative) 1990–1997
Tony Blair (Labour) 1997–2007
Gordon Brown (Labour) 2007–2010
David Cameron (Coalition) 2010–

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