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  • This week's theme: Antarctica
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    1. * The #41A is located at one end of the Earth's what?
    5. * Area of Antarctica: ___ Byrd Land
    10. Q. "Where does pancake syrup come from?" A. "Maple Tree ___ _ think."
    14. Type size unit
    15. * Said the Scientist: "I think I'll be doing scientific studies here in Antarctica for about ___ or so." (See #7D for a Related Clue)
    16. Peanut and Sunflower
    17. * Analyzed in Antarctica: "If we had ___ rope to the harness of our dog and attached it to the sled, maybe Poochie would have been able to pull some of these supplies for us."
    19. * Asked in Antarctica: "How can you say you're as cold ___ when you're wearing that big, warm parka --and all I've got left to wear after plunging through that ice is this sweater my mother hand-knitted for me?"
    20. River in Russia
    21. * Antarctic what?
    23. Basket item in a restaurant
    25. "Thanks" by the Thames
    26. * The South Atlantic, The South Pacific and The Indian ___ (bkwds.) surround Antarctica
    28. * Roald ___: On December 14th, 1911, this Norwegian explorer became the first person to reach the #41A
    31. puos fo epyT
    32. Suffix to "Art"
    33. * Take a breather during an Antarctic expedition
    34. * Like the weather in Antarctica, with Really
    35. * Antarctica consists of two major regions: East Antarctica and ___ Antarctica
    37. Video Game, with -Man
    39. Citrus fruit (bkwds.)
    41. * It's in Antarctica
    45. Smile openings
    47. Make-a-Canal! _-u-_-_
    48. Boo-Boo reminder
    52. Ms. MacGraw
    53. Famous Gallery in England (bkwds.)
    56. kereD .sM
    58. * Wondered during an expedition to the #41A: "___ we there yet?"
    59. * It's on the coast of East Antarctica
    61. * fissaM ___ :acitcratnA ni noitavele tsehgiH
    63. He (Initials) sings "Veronica"
    64. Like a library book
    65. * Signed in 1959. Enacted in 1961. The Antarctic ___. (International agreement devised to reserve the continent of Antarctica to peaceful use and scientific study)
    67. Type of security interest
    69. ".9791 __ '__ ykcoR' was I" :tnemmoc s'ffuB mliF
    71. * What an Antarctic iceberg can do ...but backwards?
    74. ".___ _" .A "?dellac gniraew era uoy dnalrag lufituaeb taht si tahW" .Q
    75. Olympic beret company
    77. * Antarctica stuff
    78. Traditional knowledge (bkwds.)
    79. * flehS ecI ___ ehT: acitcratnA ni s'tI
    80. * etilletaS htiw ,acitcratnA ni tcejbo edam-naM


    1. Liable
    2. V + VII = ?
    3. * Antarctica is covered by an extremely thick one (Answer is in the plural)
    4. Ms. Hawkins' Day
    5. Famed cellist
    6. Make-a-Word! F-_-i-r-_-t-_-_-e (Cinderella, for example)
    7. * Abode in Antarctica
    8. * Announced in Antarctica: "___ really cold."
    9. * Alp of Antarctica
    10. * It's in Antarctica, with McMurdo
    11. * Ascertained in Antarctica: "The ___ is really crisp here."
    12. * It's in Antarctica: Hollick-Kenyon ___
    13. * The active volcano at #9D is located on it: Ross ___
    18. Curves
    22. Type of rodent
    24. * Anxiousness in Antarctica: "I can't wait ___ help comes ...I've got to get off Antarctica ...I must leave this place!"
    26. Visited
    27. Maiden Name indicator
    29. ___. Myself. And I.
    30. Monogram (bkwds.) of the playwright of "Pygmalion" (1913)
    36. Kitchen measurement, for short
    38. In the location of
    40. Partner to Misérables
    42. * "!em tuohtiw no og ot evah uoy __ ,__ on fo era yeht ,meht no etibtsorf siht fo lla htiw ,teef yM" :noitidepxE na no desserpxE
    43. The 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
    44. * There's a hole in its layer above Antarctica
    45. * Beardmore ___ (It's in Antarctica)
    46. By (bkwds.)
    49. * Ones in Antarctica would be made of ice
    50. Mr. Onassis, to pals
    51. Gun the engine
    52. * Spot in Antarctica that shares the name of the sort of Penguins which frequent it: ___ Coast
    54. * First Name (bkwds.) of Mr. Shackleton (British explorer who led expeditions to Antarctica)
    55. Pen Name of George William Russell
    57. * One navigated by #54D was known as the Endurance
    60. * ".kniht _ ___ duaM neeuQ" .A "?sa nwonk acitcratnA fo noiger siht s'tahW" .Q
    62. * Stuff Stored in a Secret Spot on a Ship (See #57D for a Related Clue)
    66. Make-a-Word! B-a-_-_-_-_-n-e (Singing voice)
    68. Jeff Lynne's gr.
    70. Atom
    72. "Law" in Lyon
    73. Abbr. that might appear in the subject line of an e-mail sent from one person to another
    76. Jr.'s father


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