Play one or all of these addictive word puzzles! The hangman games are categorized by topic.

Try to figure out the word or phrase by clicking on letters. A new body part appears with every wrong guess.

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Animals Hangman

Marine Mammals
Types of Reptiles
Wild Cat Species I
Wild Cat Species II
Cat Breeds
Dog Breeds I
Dog Breeds II
Horse Breeds
Parrot Types
Sea Creatures
Types of Fish I
Types of Fish II
African Mammals
Australian Animals
Canadian Animals
North American Mammals
Mythical Monsters

Arts & Culture Hangman

Chinese Zodiac
Major Religions
Types of Dance
Famous Ballets
Famous Operas
Famous Paintings
Poetry Terms
Shakespeare's Characters
Shakespeare's Plays
Apocryphal Bible Books
New Testament Bible Books
Old Testament Bible Books I
Old Testament Bible Books II
Greek Heroes
Greek Gods I
Greek Gods II
Greek Gods III
Greek Goddesses I
Greek Goddesses II
Greek Goddesses III
Greek Goddesses IV
Greek Mythological Creatures I
Norse Mythology
Roman Gods I
Roman Gods II
Roman Gods III
Roman Gods IV
Roman Goddesses I

Books Hangman

King Arthur's Court
Jane Austen Books
Favorite Horror Stories
Edgar Allan Poe Stories
Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Locations
Agatha Christie Characters
Books by Roald Dahl
Dracula: Characters
Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Characters
Charles Dickens Books
Goosebumps Books
The Saga of Darren Shan: Cirque Du Freak Members
The Saga of Darren Shan: Vampires and Vampaneze
The Saga of Darren Shan: Humans
Anne of Green Gables: Characters
Inheritance Cycle Characters
Ranger's Apprentice
Hank Zipzer
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Charlotte's Web
Lemony Snicket Characters
Harry Potter
Geronimo Stilton
Children's Book Authors
Grimms' Fairy Tales
Sherlock Holmes Mysteries

Language Arts Hangman

Roman Numerals I
Roman Numerals II
Greek Alphabet I
Greek Alphabet II
Languages Around the World I
Languages Around the World II
Spanish Words
NATO Phonetic Alphabet I
NATO Phonetic Alphabet II
Words That Rhyme With "Dad"

Life Hangman

Types of Soup I
Types of Soup II
Types of Soup III
Types of Soup IV
At Breakfast
At the Beach
Back to School
At the Circus
In The Toolbox
All About Pirates
Birthday Cake Flavors I
Favorite Desserts
Favorite Cookies
Favorite Pizza Toppings
Favorite Vegetables
Popular Car Brands
Types of Transportation
Beanie Baby Names I
Beanie Baby Names II
Beanie Baby Names III
Things With Springs
Color Names I
Popular Hairstyles

Geography Hangman

Smallest Countries
National Dishes I
National Dishes II
Famous Lighthouses
Canyons of the World
Waterfalls Around the World
Mountain Ranges
Australian States and Territories
Pacific Islands
South American Countries
Latin American Countries
European Countries I
European Countries II
European Countries III
United Kingdom Counties I
United Kingdom Counties II
Canadian Rivers I
European Rivers I
European Rivers II
European Rivers III
African Rivers I
African Rivers II
Middle Eastern Rivers
South American Rivers I
South American Rivers II
Flags Without Red
Volcanos of the World
Canadian National Parks I
Canadian National Parks II
Pyramids Around the World
European National Animals
Deserts of the World
Famous Landmarks: Asia
Famous Landmarks: Africa
Famous Landmarks: USA
U.S. National Parks
U.S. National Parks II
Summer Olympics Host Cities
Canadian Territories and Provinces
Wonders of the World
Famous American Universities
Canadian Cities
Haunted Places: Latin America
Haunted Places: Europe
Haunted Places: Asia
Haunted Places: Africa
Haunted Places: America
Haunted Places: Canada
Famous Mountain Peaks
European Castles
U.S. Cities
African Countries
World Heritage Sites of North America
American Indian Place Names
Lands of Eastern Asia and the Pacific
World's Most Populous Cities, >6 million
Fifty States
State Capitals
Country Names
World Capitals
Famous Lakes
Iconic Canadian Foods

History Hangman

Famous Generals
Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Pharaohs I
Egyptian Pharaohs II
Egyptian Pharaohs III
Roman Emperors
Ancient Greek Cities
Kings and Queens of England
U.S. Army Ranks
U.S. Navy Ranks
U.S. Airforce Ranks
Famous Ghosts
WWII Battles
WWI Battles
Civil War Battles
Ancient Inventions
Inventions of the Twentieth Century
Art Movements
Famous Ships
Types of Ships

Holidays Hangman

Happy New Year!
New Year's Resolutions
Multilingual New Year
The Names of Santa Claus
Reindeer Names
Multilingual Merry Christmas
Jewish Holidays & Celebrations
St. Patrick's Day
Valentine's Day
Day of the Dead
Día de Muertos
Celebrating Labor Day
April Fool's
Holidays in America I
Holidays in America II

Seasons Hangman

Christmas Tree Types
Types of Snow
Types of Clouds
Spring Flowers

People Hangman

Famous Explorers I
Famous Gangsters
Infamous Serial Killers
Canadian Prime Ministers
Greek Philosophers
Famous Female Scientists
Famous Male Scientists
U.S. Presidents
First Ladies
Figures of the French Revolution
Famous Painters
Asian Pacific Americans
Hispanic Americans
Spies and Secret Agents

Pop Culture Hangman

Popular Witches I
Popular Witches II
Film Terms
Classic Cartoons
Disney Princesses
Disney Princes
Superhero Secret Identities

Anime Hangman

Popular Anime Titles I
Naruto Characters
Sailor Moon Characters
Bleach Characters

Comic Books & Manga Hangman

Archie Comics Characters
X-Men: Heroes and Villains
Avengers: Ultimates
Iron Man's Enemies
Superman: Villains
Spiderman: Villains
Marvel Comics Characters
DC Comics Characters

Movies Hangman

Christmas Movies I
Christmas Movies II
Christmas Movies III
Classic Movie Titles I
Classic Movie Titles II
Classic Movie Titles III
They're Peanuts Movies, Charlie Brown!
Studio Ghibli Movies
Video Game Movies
Guardians of the Galaxy Characters
Marvel Movie Villains I
Marvel Movie Villains II
Marvel Movie Heroes
Godzilla Monsters
Disney Movies
Pixar Movies
Tom Cruise Movies
Tim Burton Movies
Barbie Movie Titles
Classic Movie Monsters
Great Animated Movies
Star Trek (2009)
Halloween: Scary Movies
Indiana Jones Characters
Pirates of the Caribbean
Star Wars
Disney Characters
Marvel Movies
Disney Movies
Pixar Movies
Dreamworks Movies
Best Picture Movies

Music Hangman

Christmas Carols I
Christmas Carols II
Christmas Carols III
Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Songs
Beyoncé Songs
Lady Gaga Songs
Britney Spears Songs
Taylor Swift Songs
One Direction Songs
Jonas Brothers Songs
Woodwind Instruments
String Instruments
Percussion Instruments

Television Hangman

My Little Pony Characters I
Stranger Things Characters
Looney Tunes
Winnie the Pooh
Peppa Pig Characters
Friends Characters
American Idol
Dora the Explorer Characters
Gossip Girl Characters
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Camp Rock
Hannah Montana Characters
Fairly OddParents
Battlestar Galactica
Project Runway
SpongeBob SquarePants
The Naked Brothers Band
High School Musical
Sesame Street Characters

Video Games & Gaming Hangman

Five Nights at Freddy's Characters
Classic Kids' Games
Video Game Protagonists I
Game Consoles
D&D Classes
D&D Races
Sonic the Hedgehog Characters
Classic Pokémon I
Classic Pokémon II
Classic Pokémon III
Classic Pokémon IV
Classic Pokémon V
Assassin's Creed Characters
Mario Characters
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters
Arcade Games
Video Game Characters
Favorite Card Games I
Favorite Card Games II

Science Hangman

Famous Comets
Three Letter Body Parts
Visible Light Spectrum
Moons in Our Solar System
Periodic Table
Body Parts and Organs I
Body Parts and Organs II
Body Parts and Organs III
The Human Body
Surgical Tools
Other Known Galaxies
Natural Disasters
Planets and Moons of our Solar System
Green Awareness

Sports Hangman

Let's Go Caving
NBA Teams
NHL Teams
MLB Teams
NFL Teams
UEFA Teams
Balls in Sports
Baseball Terms
Basketball Players
Soccer Teams
Olympic Events
Summer Olympic Sports
Winter Olympic Sports
Olympic Host Cities
Winter Olympics Host Cities