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Twenty Years of Fact Monster

About Us

Education is a top priority for parents and teachers. We know that learning happens outside as well as inside the classroom, and we understand that parents need resources that deliver the facts to children in a safe learning environment. Fact Monster’s content is written and edited by experts, not outside users, assuring you that we provide trusted, reliable information. Our broad range of content includes an encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, homework center, and educational games.

Fact Monster combines essential reference materials, fun facts and features, and homework help for kids. From the solar system to the world economy to educational games, Fact Monster has the info that kids are seeking. Our site is COPPA-certified, so you can rest assured it's a safe place for kids to explore.

Educate, entertain, and engage. That's what Fact Monster does—and we've been doing it well since 1998.

Our Mission

At Fact Monster we know the importance of childhood learning. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide kids a safe and reliable source of information, and to encourage the growth of curious minds.

Our Editorial Policy

The Fact Monster editorial team always strives to make content that’s reliable and accessible to our young readers.

Fact Monster covers a wide range of topics and gets into some very specific details. To make sure we get it right, the editors at Fact Monster do a lot of research. That means finding recent sources, doing research on the sources to make sure they have a good reputation, then getting into the weeds to suss out the data.

We want to take all of that complex data and make it accessible to our young readers. That means writing content that is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to find—that’s what we mean by accessible. If you can’t find an easy answer to your questions, email us at FactMonster@fen.com and we’ll consider your questions for our Ask the Editors section.

The other part of accessibility means providing content that is open to everyone. The Fact Monster editorial team is working hard to use language that is inviting. If you find content you feel uses incorrect or harmful language, content that is inaccurate, or you have a request for content that we currently lack, email us and our editors will do their best (as always) to make the site even better.

Our Sister Site

Fact Monster shares an editorial staff and a body of content with our sister site Infoplease. Infoplease used to be a partner with the Time Almanac; when they started producing almanacs meant for kids, the seeds of Factmonster were sown. Infoplease made it onto the world wide web back in the early days of the Internet in the late 1990s. Then, like with the children's almanacs, we decided to make a kid-safe counterpart to our denser reference site. Since the programs began, we've routinely made sure we're COPPA-compliant and KidSafe-certified so that young learners can continue trusting us as a go-to source of info. 

Our Editors, Authors & Advisors

The editors at Fact Monster wear a lot of hats. We work as researchers, fact-checkers, editors, and writers. We’re dedicated writers with experience in researching and verifying data, and in getting that info out into the world. That’s why we put a premium on our sources, as we get into below.

We also know that there’s value in reaching out to experts and professionals. That’s why, moving forward, Fact Monster is exploring bringing on advisors to enrich our content. Check back in the future to see how our content grows and evolves.  

Our Sources

With all of the information on the internet, it can be hard to separate the truth from the fiction. Fact Monster knows the value of trustworthy sources. Whenever possible use public data from official organizations like the U.S. Census Bureau, the Library of Congress, UN agencies like UNESCO or the World Health Organization, or from historic organizations like our own local Historic New England. Some of our other major sources include the CIA World Factbook and the Columbia Encyclopedia. In cases that require more intense research, we will occasionally lean on scholarly work on JSTOR or in print.

In addition to our own in-house work, Fact Monster has long standing partnerships with content providers like Who2 to broaden the scope of our information.

We hope you find these improvements useful, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

—The Fact Monster Staff