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Do you need to figure out how many cups are in a liter? Do you need to find a better word for sesquipedalian? Or maybe you need to figure out the distance from Mumbai to Aachen. Whatever your problem, FactMonster is here to help with these handy tools! 

Almanac: The Almanac is where you can search through all of FactMonster's articles, timelines, and more! Find the answers to your questions here. 

Atlas: The Atlas is where you can find all sorts of maps and geographical info! If you're curious about where things are, then check here first!

Dictionary: The Dictionary contains more than 100,000 English words. If you want to find out what a word means, or just want to expand your vocabulary, this is the place. 

Encyclopedia: The Encyclopedia is where you can go to look up essential info about a whole range of topics. If you can't find what you want in the Almanac, it's probably here. 

Thesaurus: The Thesaurus is a nice partner to the Dictionary. The Thesaurus give you words like the one you search for. So, if you need to vary up your words, the Thesaurus is for you.  

Distance Calculator: You just learned about tons of cool places in the Atlas, but don't know how far apart they are? No worries, our Distance Calculator has what you need!

Conversion Calculator: Grams and pounds, miles and meters; keeping measurements straight is tough! Our Conversion Calculator is here to make it easy. 

Place Finder: If you want to say exactly where a place is on Earth, you have to know its latitude and longitude. Our Place Finder is exactly what you need. 

Spell Checker: Is your English teacher cracking down on those mistakes? Let our spell checker help you write better (and impress your teacher while you're at it).