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Do you need to figure out how many cups are in a liter? Do you need to find a better word for sesquipedalian? Or maybe you need to figure out the distance from Mumbai to Aachen. Whatever your problem, FactMonster is here to help with these handy tools!

Almanac: The Almanac is where you can search through all of FactMonster's articles, timelines,and more! Find the answers to your questions here.

Atlas: The Atlas is where you can find all sorts of maps and geographical info! If you're curious about where things are, then check here first!

Dictionary: The Dictionary contains more than 100,000 English words. If you want to find out what a word means, orjust want to expand your vocabulary, this is the place.

Encyclopedia: The Encyclopedia is where you can go to look upessential info about a whole range of topics. If you can't find what you wantin the Almanac, it's probably here.

Thesaurus: The Thesaurus is a nice partnerto the Dictionary. The Thesaurus give you words like the one you search for.So, if you need to vary up your words,the Thesaurus is for you.

Distance Calculator: Youjust learned about tons of cool places in the Atlas, but don't know how far apart they are? No worries, our Distance Calculator has what you need!

Conversion Calculator: Grams and pounds, miles and meters; keepingmeasurements straight is tough! Our Conversion Calculator is here to make it easy.

Place Finder: If you want to sayexactlywhere a place is on Earth, you have to know its latitude and longitude. Our Place Finder isexactlywhat you need.

Spell Checker: Is your English teacher cracking down on those mistakes? Let our spell checker help you write better (and impress your teacherwhile you're at it).