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    1. * Exclaimed in 1913: "Wow! ___ you see that new Word-Cross in the Fun Section of the Sunday New York World? I'm hooked!"
    4. * Honor bestowed to a Crossword Constructor who creates an exceptional puzzle for #53D: The Margaret ___ (Named for Margaret Farrar, an editor of the world's first Crossword Puzzle Book)
    9. Compass point
    12. Lukewarm
    14. * #10D have been around since ancient times, and an example of one was found in the ___ ruins of Pompeii
    15. * People who solve x-words probably have high ones!
    16. Atlantic, for one
    17. * Synonym finder (Aid for solving puzzles)
    19. "Star Wars" (1977) character, minus the "R2-"
    20. Famous television show
    22. Bird in a Barnyard ...gone bananas?
    23. TV Network that airs "Biography": __ & __
    24. Perfectionist's wish: "I want everything to be __ __ that things run smoothly."
    26. Sorts of Seabirds
    29. Said in a Salon: "___ my favorite hair removal product."
    31. Overly inquisitive (var. sp. & bkwds.)
    32. David or Northrop
    33. Woodwind instrument
    34. * Crossword Constructor's Comment: "I have ___ the grid on graph paper before I can begin filling in the answers."
    36. Raise
    38. Sort of vehicle
    39. Agile
    40. Bun in a Basket ...but it's backwards?
    42. Not stale, without the "Fr"
    44. Trendy
    45. * Said by a Solver: "One day, I'd like to make a ___ out of creating the puzzles, as well."
    48. Wander
    50. "?epicer siht ni dedeen si gge ___ wonk uoy oD" :ssalC gnikooC ni deksA
    52. Certain letter of the alphabet (pl.)
    54. Two-door car
    55. Posh school in Britain
    56. Comment made by a Presley Fan: "My favorite Elvis movie __ __ Blues."
    57. PM opposite
    58. Medical term (for short) concerning blood
    60. "Bye-Bye!"
    62. Hesitant sound
    63. * For Example: 15 x 15. 17 x 17. 21 x 21.
    67. "Pen" in French
    69. Part on a foot (bkwds.)
    70. "!___ dlrow ediw elohw eht ni nosrep etirovaf yM" :draC gniteerG a no egasseM
    71. Nut
    72. .stuB .sdnA .___
    73. Picture element
    74. Steven Spielberg, for short


    1. * Date the Word-Cross (original name of the Crossword) appeared for the first time, in 1913, in the NY World newspaper
    2. Complain, without the "Gr"
    3. * Like the very first Word-Cross
    4. * Creator of the first crossword (See #1A, #1D, #3D, #42D and #47D for Related Clues)
    5. To what extent (bkwds.)
    6. * Crossword Puzzle, without the "Word G"
    7. * Correct an answer penciled into a crossword puzzle, without the "E"
    8. * ".___ yranoitcid doog a evah ot ekil syawla I ,drowssorc a gnivlos nehW" :revloS a yb diaS
    9. Knight's title
    10. * Basis for primitive crossword puzzles: Word ___
    11. * They are usually at the ends of answers to clues written in the plural
    12. Now
    13. Genetic letters
    18. * Like the majority of words in crossword solutions
    21. Tourists might go on one in Africa
    25. Calming, without the "thing"
    27. State in the U.S.A.
    28. * Things under ACROSS or DOWN (bkwds.)
    30. Promissory note
    35. Member (Initials) of Led Zeppelin
    37. Wondered whilst flipping through the Fashion Magazine: "I wonder how ___ model would look without any makeup on."
    41. Alternative word
    42. * ___ stseuqer ni tnes sredaer ,tubed sti edam ssorC-droW tsrif eht retfA
    43. French coin
    46. Look ...but in a backward way?
    47. * Because of support from the New York World's readers, the Word-Cross became a ___ feature in the Sunday paper
    49. * Said by a Solver: "I like to use pencil when solving a puzzle because I don't want to ___ the puzzle with pen, should I make a mistake."
    51. In the location of
    53. * Publishers of the world's first Crossword Puzzle Book, on April 10th, 1924: ___ & Schuster
    54. Things in zoos
    59. Q. "What's the capital of Brazil?" A. "It's __ _ think ...or at least it used to be."
    61. Cooking measurement, commonly
    64. Record of travel, without the "nerary"
    65. Flipped around alphabet ender
    66. Direction on a compass
    68. Frozen ...flipped around?


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