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  • This week's theme: Current Events

    1. Miami's Mission, Cuba's Crusade
    6. "Thermal" or "tope" prefix
    9. Jeanne d'Arc, e.g.
    12. Golan Heights is the focus at them
    15. Gender
    17. Current hit by Celine: "That's The Way It ___"
    18. Taiwan occurrences, recently
    19. Tools for Lumberjacks
    20. Prefix for "cene" or "hippus"
    21. Convenience store clerk's question: "Would you like ___ for that?"
    22. Invitation letters
    23. Contents of Cargo Containers, of late
    27. Triple Crown
    29. Common verb suffix
    30. Fluffy scarf
    31. Gershwin with pen
    32. Initials of the witty American writer who wrote "Death and Taxes" (1931)
    33. Taproom
    34. Galilee, for one
    37. Mount near Olympus
    40. Former dictator in international headlines, currently
    44. Word with Ticket
    45. Heavy barge
    46. Calligrapher's need
    47. Popular TV show
    48. Michael Jordan is now an owner (of #53D) in this org.
    50. "Key": French
    51. Former Ugandan dictator Amin
    52. Acclamation
    54. War torn area currently in the world spotlight
    56. Article of commerce
    57. People in H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine" (1895)
    59. Light switch position
    60. Malevolent
    61. Attitude at the Altitudes
    64. Gloria Steinem founded it
    66. Church Chancel
    67. AOL Time Warner, for example
    69. Stitch
    70. Intentionally so written
    71. Male Monarchs


    1. "Center" prefix
    2. Victor Hugo's "___ Misérables" (1862)
    3. U.S. state
    4. Anthony Hopkins, for one
    5. Eternal light: ___ Tamid
    6. Dumbfounded retort: "___ loss for words for what to say!"
    7. Slovenly ones
    8. Gumbo
    9. Nicknamed missile interceptor involved in recently failed Pentagon defense technology testing program
    10. Outcome from President Clinton's "State of the Union" address, some are hopeful
    11. "Student" in Sherbrooke
    13. Famed opera singer: Dame Kiri ___ Kanawa
    14. Noncommissioned U.S. Army rank
    16. Clairvoyance, commonly
    20. Word with Roll
    23. Everything he touched turned into gold
    24. Contributed comment(s)
    25. Loose fitting garments made from camel hair
    26. Carolina or Dakota
    28. Roman Numerals
    33. Controversial Colorado statute (commonly called this) recently debated in the Supreme Court
    34. "My Favorite ___" (1951): Hedy Lamarr (b.1913 - d.2000) movie
    35. It'll turn "ffel" into a Tower in Paris
    36. Doddery
    38. Sordid
    39. Courtyards
    41. President Clinton recently announced a $280 million initiative to step up enforcement to fight this
    42. He sang for Black Sabbath (initials)
    43. What "recess" has
    49. Author Milne
    50. President of France
    51. Highway Hostel
    52. Icicle holders
    53. Washington Wizards, for one (See #48A for a related clue!)
    54. Dog breed for the Queen
    55. Those who till the land
    56. Spun by a Spider
    58. Tells Tales
    62. Before noon, briefly
    63. Receive
    64. Madonna song: "___ Girl"
    65. Juniors' predecessors, for short
    68. Atlanta's locale on an env.


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