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  • This week's theme: Grammy Awards

    1. "And, now, Ladies and Gentlemen... the host of the 42ND Annual GRAMMY Awards... Ms. ___ O'Donnell!"
    6. John Billings, the Colorado artisan who hand-crafts each GRAMMY Award, learned his trade from the original maker of the GRAMMY statuettes, ___ Graves
    9. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: Shania's co-writer on her nominated 'Song of the Year' song "You've Got a Way"
    13. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: For their song "Get Born Again" the band ___ in Chains received a nomination in the 'Hard Rock Performance' category
    14. Tokyo's other name
    15. Prefix to "China"
    16. Southern Hemisphere constellation
    17. Frankenstein's Friend
    18. Double affirmative, in Spain
    19. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: Christina Aguilera, Macy Gray, Kid Rock, Britney Spears and Susan Tedeschi were all nominated in this category
    22. Trisha Yearwood was a past GRAMMY winner in the 'Country Vocal Performance' category for this song: "How ___ I Live"
    23. "Foss" Finisher
    24. Bookkeeping abbr.
    26. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: ___ Hot Chili Peppers received a nomination for 'Rock Performance By a Duo or Group with Vocal' for their song "Scar Tissue"
    29. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: Last name of one of the nominees in the 'Spoken Comedy Album' category
    33. Greek alphabet letter
    34. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: Ricky Martin received a nomination in this category: '___ Pop Vocal Performance' (See #6D for Ricky's competition in this category!)
    36. "At the age of", in Latin
    37. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: His musicianship is featured on the Santana instrumental "The Calling" nominated in the 'Rock Instrumental Performance' category: ___ Clapton
    38. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: This smash song was nominated in the 'Record of the Year' category
    42. Barenaked Ladies hit
    43. Certain record label
    44. Candle Cord
    45. Actor Beatty
    46. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: She was nominated in the 'R&B Vocal Performance' category for her song "It's Not Right But It's Okay": Whitney ___
    49. Second Sight, shortly
    51. Morning indicator
    52. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: Singer Faith Hill received a nomination in the 'Country Vocal Performance' category for her song "Let Me Let ___"
    53. Cissy (who is the mother of the artist at #46A!) was a past GRAMMY winner in the 'Traditional Soul Gospel' category for her song: "___ Leadeth Me"
    54. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: This singer received a nomination in the 'Dance Recording' category
    62. Cast out
    64. For her "All That Jazz" work, legendary singer ___ Fitzgerald was a past GRAMMY winner in the 'Jazz Vocal' category
    65. Jazz singer: Anita ___
    66. Hindu Queen
    67. Certain "Rocky" sequel
    68. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: For her "Mary" album, singer Mary J. ___ received a nomination in the 'R&B Album' category
    69. Nice Notion?
    70. Once around a track
    71. Curses


    1. Praise enthusiastically
    2. Corrida Cheers
    3. Sedimentary material
    4. Johnny Nash smash from 1972: "___ See Clearly Now"
    5. American poet Cummings
    6. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: Singer Lou ___ was nominated for his 'Pop Vocal Performance' on his song "Mambo No. 5" (See #34A for his competition!)
    7. Scent
    8. Industrial diamond
    9. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: Her album "Da Real World" was nominated in the 'Rap Album' category: ___ "Misdemeanor" Elliott
    10. Segment
    11. Football scores, for short
    12. You: Français
    17. GRAMMY exclamation!
    19. Saloon
    20. It'll turn "Androm" into a Northern Hemisphere constellation
    21. "Sill" Suffix
    24. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: This trio's "Fly" was nominated in the 'Album of the Year' category: Dixie ___
    25. Costa ___
    27. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: He received a nomination in the 'Rap Solo Performance' category for his song "My Name Is"
    28. Singer-Songwriter ___ Bowie was a past GRAMMY winner in the 'Music Video - Short Form' category
    29. Unit of currency in Japan
    30. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: He is the producer on Santana's acclaimed "Supernatural" album nominated in the 'Rock Album' category: Clive ___
    31. Fragrant garland
    32. Flight schedule acronym
    33. Singer-Songwriter: Jim ___
    35. Jar top
    37. Inventor Whitney
    38. Singer (and actress) ___ Horne was a past GRAMMY winner in the 'Jazz Vocal' category
    39. Singer-Songwriter ___ Sayer was a past GRAMMY winner for his song "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing"
    40. River of central Asia: ___ Darya
    41. Grass appendage
    46. Informal endearment
    47. Astley or Musgrave
    48. Shakespearean contraction
    50. Famous candy dispenser
    52. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: Christina Aguilera was nominated for 'Pop Vocal Performance' for this song: "___ in a Bottle"
    54. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: In the 'Traditional Folk Album' category, for her album "Press On", ___ Carter Cash received a nomination
    55. Singer-Songwriter ___ Diamond was a past GRAMMY winner for composing music for the 1973 movie "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"
    56. Pelvic bones
    57. Pancake action
    58. The Kinks hit song
    59. Norse deity
    60. Robert Plant and Jimmy ___ were past GRAMMY winners in the 'Hard Rock Vocal' category for their "Most High" work
    61. The artist at #37A was a past GRAMMY winner in the 'Pop Vocal' category for this song: "My Father's ___"
    62. Word with Lanka
    63. Peter, Paul and Mary were past GRAMMY winners in the 'Folk Performance' category for their song "If I ___ a Hammer"
    68. 42ND GRAMMY Awards: Legendary artist ___ King received a nomination in the 'Traditional Blues Album' category for his "Blues on the Bayou" album


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