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  • This week's theme: Hispanic Heritage Month

    1. * One of the styles of music that Tito Puente played
    6. * "Two" in Spanish
    9. Mr. Fields, and others
    12. * Annual awards show which made its debut in the Year 2000: The ___ Grammys
    13. * Spanish title of respect for a man
    15. Foot Part ...flipped around?
    16. Positive, without the "refutable"
    17. * ___ Sound Machine (Gloria and Emilio Estefan's band which had a smash hit in 1985 with the song "Conga")
    19. Part of the title of a "Rocky" sequel
    20. Prefix to "system"
    21. * Monetary unit in #48A
    23. * Some Americans of Hispanic heritage might trace their roots to this country
    26. * Santana Song: "No ___ to Depend On"
    28. Alphabet letters
    29. Written Work
    30. * Cinco de Mayo: This holiday commemorates the victory that was achieved in battle in the city of ___ by the small army of #48A against the army of the French during the French occupation of #48A, in 1862
    33. Last name of the sixth queen consort of Henry VIII of England
    35. Alternative indicator
    36. * Edward James ___: Actor who portrayed the father of Mexican Tejano-style singer Selena (who was portrayed by #82A) in the biographical movie "Selena" (1997)
    39. * Things that were used by Frida Kahlo
    43. Equal, archaically
    45. * This mission in San Antonio, Texas was besieged by forces from #48A under the command of General Santa Anna during the Texan war for independence, in 1836
    47. Word heard in a Shakespeare play
    48. * See #21A and #30A for Related Clues
    50. * Documentary about a group of legendary Cuban musicians: "Buena ___ Social Club" (1999)
    52. Three-toed sloth
    53. Electric force unit
    55. * Many of them are hit by baseball hero, Sammy Sosa
    57. Up to now
    60. Orinoco tributary
    63. * ___ Lobos: Popular band that had a hit in 1987 when it covered legendary Hispanic rock star Ritchie Valens' classic "La Bamba"
    64. * Where #25D and #61D were born
    67. Kate or Tim
    70. Intruding Insect
    71. * Nickname of #4D: ___ Libertador
    72. * Some Americans of Hispanic heritage might trace their roots to this country
    74. Atomic #28
    75. Frost
    76. Watch company
    78. Habituate
    80. Mr. Beatty
    81. Pig's Pen
    82. * In 2001, she made history when she had the #1 album (See #37D) and the #1 movie ("The Wedding Planner") in the same week: Jennifer ___


    1. Fall away
    2. Berne's river
    3. Military Title, for short
    4. * He led the revolt of South American colonies against the rule of #57D
    5. Certain Cuckoo
    6. Form of theological rationalism
    7. Computer status
    8. Earth
    9. Things that grow in #8D
    10. Sweet thing
    11. * "West Side ___" (1961): Movie for which #25D received the 'Best Supporting Actress' Oscar
    13. Shade Trees ...flipped around?
    14. * Famously controversial talkshow host: Geraldo ___
    18. Ms. West, minus the "M"
    22. Celebrated Castaway, without the "Robinson Cru"
    24. Cobra
    25. * There are very few performers who are as multi-talented ___ who has won Emmy, Golden Globe, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards
    27. Building extension
    30. Romantic creation
    31. Recommend
    32. Heard in the Gardening Store ...backwards!: "?ni stnalp worg ot D8# fo epyt doog ___ sI"
    34. Heard in the Hotel: "Look at all of this grandeur. This certainly is ___ hotel!"
    37. * Hit album of #82A ...backwards!: "___.J"
    38. Nest Eggs, minus the "ings"
    40. State in the U.S.A.
    41. Droplet from the eye
    42. * "Six" in Spanish
    44. Lumberjack's tool
    46. Music syllable
    49. * Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs and conquered #48A
    51. Parcel of Land ...flipped around?
    54. Paver's need
    56. Compass point
    57. * See #4D
    58. Weight measurement
    59. * Celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month
    61. * Mr. Martin who achieved international superstardom with the hit song "Livin' La Vida Loca"
    62. * "Eight" in Spanish
    65. Bullring cheers
    66. Healing Cream, minus the "ntment"
    68. Concerning
    69. * "Ten" in Spanish
    73. Comical Character, with Abner
    77. Pronoun
    79. Direction


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