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  • Harry Potter Mania! Crossword

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    1. * Ms. Hufflepuff
    6. Type of Tide
    9. Fuel for a Ford
    12. * Slytherin color
    13. Cathedral City (HINT! Rhymes with See Why)
    14. Cheer heard by a bullfighter
    15. Don't stop
    16. Winter ailment, for short
    17. * Madam Malkin's ___ Shop
    18. * Beloved gamekeeper and friend to curious creatures
    21. Genetic letters
    23. * Hogwarts is located in the what, for short?
    24. To the same extent
    25. * Hermione ___
    27. The 19th and 5th letters of the alphabet
    28. * Book ___ is called "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"
    30. Not she
    31. Word with Niño
    33. When doubled, it's a fun toy that is round and is attached to a string
    34. How would SouthWest be shortened?
    36. Initials of the famous poet Robert Browning
    38. Famous movie about an alien that was directed by Steven Spielberg
    41. 'Not Applicable', for short
    43. Asner the Actor
    45. * It took J.K. Rowling almost ___ to write "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" NOTE: There are two words in the answer!
    48. The 15th and 19th letters of the alphabet
    50. * Ball used to score goals
    53. How would 'California' be abbreviated?
    54. David Niven's monogram
    55. What is the acronym of the 'United Parcel Service'?
    56. * This tree could whomp you
    58. In proportion: Pro ___ (HINT! Rhymes with Data)
    60. Fella (HINT! Rhymes with Had)
    62. Look! ___ and behold!
    63. Tina Turner's ex-singing partner
    64. * Gryffindor color
    65. * Wizard hats are shaped like them
    68. Average grade
    69. * The beam from the Basilisk's what can be deadly?
    70. * Fred and George are these


    1. Initials of actor Hugh Grant
    2. Hospital drama on TV
    3. Wear these in the Winter while skating: ___ings (HINT! Rhymes with Egg)
    4. * Ron's brother
    5. Classic movie: "___ American in Paris" (1951)
    6. Freshwater Fishy
    7. * In Quidditch, it can knock players off their brooms
    8. One of the ways the ants came marching (Hurrah! Hurrah!): Two ___ Two
    9. Icky stuff
    10. * Dumbledore's first name
    11. * This player must catch the Snitch
    16. Acronym of the Food and Drug Administration
    17. One of a kind
    18. * It will sort you
    19. Pale in color
    20. Wraths (HINT! Rhymes with Tires)
    22. I know not what, in French: Je ___ sais quoi
    26. Concord is the capital of this state in the U.S.A.
    29. * Harry's best friend
    32. * Quidditch commentator
    35. * Name for family of red-haired boys and Ginny
    37. Beautiful island of Indonesia (HINT! Rhymes with Cali)
    39. Restaurant chain: ___ Bell
    40. * Mr. Gryffindor
    42. Hue of Blue, like the color of the Ocean
    44. The 4th and 6th letters of the alphabet
    46. * Hufflepuff color
    47. Adjective that describes an uncooked potato
    49. * Harry can use Parseltongue to speak with one
    51. Direction of a computer keyboard arrow
    52. When a friend receives an e-mail, then sends it to you, these three letters will most likely appear in its subject line
    57. Actress Anderson
    59. Golf peg
    61. Ending to "Lemon"
    64. Regarding, briefly
    65. The 3rd and 20th letters of the alphabet
    66. Letter after Em
    67. How would SteamShip be shortened?


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