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  • "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" Crossword

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    1. * The children kept warm in coats made of this
    4. Family member
    7. Not she
    9. House of Commons title
    11. Famous rock 'n' roll record producer: Brian ___
    12. Actually: ___ matter of fact NOTE: There are two words in the answer!
    13. It means morning on a digital clock
    14. Hospital drama on TV
    15. * Turkish ___
    17. He was an American Vice-President: ___ Agnew
    19. Fall behind
    20. Fall Flower
    22. Metric version of an inch, for short
    24. Hollywood actor Gibson
    26. Song by The Beatles: "I Saw ___ Standing There"
    27. Disco Dance: "___ Freak"
    28. Word heard in a weather forecast in Summer
    30. Item on a fancy French menu: ___-de-Boeuf
    32. Metal bearing minerals
    34. Top of a house
    36. "No" to a Scot
    37. Paddles a boat
    38. "Yesterday" in Italy (HINT! Rhymes with Lee Airy)
    39. It'll turn "Ru" into the name of an Austrian crown prince (HINT! Rhymes with Wolf)
    41. A person's life story, for short
    42. Sioux Falls is the largest city in this U.S.A. state
    43. Back and Forth: To and ___
    45. She was an actress on the hit 1970s show "The Partridge Family" (TV): Susan ___ (HINT! Rhymes with Whey)
    47. Father of Jr.
    48. * What the witch turns her enemies into
    50. It means Modern
    52. Heard in a Computer Class: "___ site has all the latest music downloads." NOTE: There are two words in the answer!
    54. * Part of the castle's name
    58. Some say this Physicist was the smartest person to have ever lived (Initials)
    59. Math Quiz! Seven plus Three minus Two equals ___ght!
    60. American inventor Whitney (HINT! Rhymes with Rely)
    61. Word that can go with Ice or Iron or Stone
    62. Abbreviated word in an address on an envelope
    63. Monogram of actor Nick Nolte
    64. Curvy alphabet letter
    65. Section of land


    1. Gave food to
    2. "One" in France
    3. Bun in a Basket
    4. * Weapon Lucy gets from Father Christmas
    5. Residue from a volcano
    6. Information
    7. Hurriedness
    8. * "The-___-over-the-Sea"
    9. "Sea" in Strasbourg
    10. * Kirke's job
    16. Song by Simon & Garfunkel: "___ a Rock" NOTE: There are two words in the answer!
    18. How would the metallic element Iridium be abbreviated?
    21. * One was given to Peter for protection
    22. * While the witch rules Narnia, it is always winter but never this
    23. What the cow did
    25. * The children's home city
    27. * Author
    29. High rocky Hill
    31. Universal truth (HINT! Rhymes with Mao)
    33. First name of actors Lowe or Reiner
    35. * Number of years the children rule Narnia
    40. * First name of the evil wolf
    44. * Bird who leads the children to the Beavers
    46. Positive vote in Parliament
    48. Compass point that is the opposite of NE
    49. Fencing sword
    51. Elongated circle
    53. However
    55. Pacino and Waxman
    56. The Self
    57. Permit


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