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  • This week's theme: Lost!

    1. * Television show about a family thrown back in time to the time of the dinosaurs: "___ of the Lost" (1974 - 1977)
    5. * Legend has it that some people have disappeared from the face of the Earth --apparently after mysterious abductions by them, for short
    9. Valley
    13. Yummy beverage
    14. Ms. Campbell
    15. Like some faces: ___-shaped
    16. Bug
    17. * Type of aircraft #3D and Amelia Earhart were in together on that fateful last flight: ___-engine Lockheed Electra
    18. Prima Donna
    19. * LOST! = Never to be ___ or heard from again
    20. Capital of Vietnam, without the "Han"
    21. * He sang about the legendary continent of #40D
    23. * Where ships and planes are said to mysteriously vanish: The Bermuda ___
    26. Mr. Lowe
    27. Noisy Clamor, flipped around?
    28. * Movie of 1982 starring Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek
    32. Hereditary tribal ruler
    35. Bargains
    37. Fish eggs
    39. * They are sometimes found during excavations of ancient lost cities
    41. * Indiana Jones searched for the Ark of the Covenant in this blockbuster of 1981: "___ of the Lost Ark"
    44. Someone from England, for short
    45. Don't order out
    47. Don't be truthful
    48. * He was able to see the Holy Grail
    51. They're made in football, for short
    53. Mr. O'
    54. * He parachuted with a loot of money from the Boeing 727 he skyjacked in '71 --and vanished forever
    59. * Island on the coast of North Carolina where the Lost Colony was situated
    63. "I see."
    64. Type of Tie
    65. Dismounted
    66. Ms. Moran
    68. Ms. Moore, and others
    69. Small
    70. Brown follower
    71. * Mr. Hoffa, the Teamster leader who vanished in 1975
    72. Items in a kitchen
    73. Looks
    74. Jeanne d'Arc, et al.


    1. * The character of Tom Hanks in #13D had no other choice than to be a ___ when he wound up on a deserted island after surviving a crash landing
    2. Heard in a Drug Store: "This lotion might clear up the ___ suffer from."
    3. * JULY 2ND, 1937: He was the navigator who joined Amelia Earhart when she was attempting to fly around the world, only to then mysteriously disappear between New Guinea and Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean: Frederick J. ___
    4. Labor follower
    5. Up to the time that
    6. Not many
    7. Roman poet
    8. Title of respect for a man in Spain (pl.)
    9. * Animal that is lost and gone forever
    10. Tel follower
    11. * It flowed from Mount Vesuvius which erupted and buried the ancient city of Pompeii
    12. Panache
    13. * Tom Hanks flick, with "Away"
    20. City of northern Utah
    22. Family Member, flipped around?
    24. Spiders' nests
    25. Mr. Gibson, all shook up?
    29. Mix Around, in a mixed up way?
    30. Mr. Gallagher
    31. Ms. Halliwell
    32. Globe
    33. * The Titanic struck one to then be lost below the icy waters of the ocean
    34. Fish genus
    36. * Ships sometimes get lost when they are what?
    38. Compass point
    40. * Was it swallowed by an earthquake?
    42. The letter after G ...spelled out
    43. Prefix to "china"
    46. Do math
    49. Orinoco tributary
    50. Country walkers
    52. Let the pieces fall where they may
    55. * They show that dinosaurs once ruled the Earth before being completely wiped off the face of it
    56. "Apple" in French
    57. Make a Happy Face, backwards?
    58. Blushful
    59. Inclined surface
    60. Potpourri
    61. Fats Domino classic: "___ That a Shame"
    62. Great Lake
    67. * What a #33D is made from
    68. Record Players, for short


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