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    1. He was born on FEBRUARY 22ND, 1732: Happy Birthday Mister Pwezident!
    7. Prez hubby of First Lady Rosalynn
    10. Frost
    14. President who used to be an actor
    15. Medieval Money
    16. "Waterloo" pop group
    17. Scottish "out"
    18. First Lady who used her maiden name prior to her hubby becoming President
    20. It'll turn "Car" into Debbie and Eddie's daughter
    21. White House cook for the President
    23. A President most often becomes a President via ___ election
    24. "Funn" Finisher
    26. Rapper Cool J
    28. Sci-___
    29. The President's desk ___ in the Oval Office
    30. Certain record label
    31. That is, for short
    32. This President drafted the Declaration of Independence in 1776
    37. Utilizing
    39. Disapproving interjection
    40. ___ and Behold!
    41. Moniker in Montréal
    43. Cestacean
    44. Topeka's locale on an env.
    45. Computer store items, briefly
    46. Sicilian Volcano: Mount ___a
    48. "Ouch!"
    50. "Evil Woman" gr.
    52. List-ender
    55. Blood factor letters
    56. On Tap in a Tavern
    57. President's yearly speech: State of the ___ Address
    59. He served as President twice, but not twice in a row
    62. Presidential Primary Place, Punily
    63. British Bathroom
    65. "Sylvan" Suffix
    66. Kenzaburo the Writer
    67. "Black Sabbath" Singer (initials)
    68. Arms limitation treaty signed by the President at #14A and USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev, in 1987
    69. Maritime province in Canada, for short
    70. Seize the Day!: Carpe ___!
    73. Bundle of Dough
    75. Skin art
    78. Heard in a Herd
    80. Floating ice mass
    81. Medical insurance plan, briefly
    82. This President's middle initial is "S"
    84. Soft creamy cheese
    85. One: German
    86. Assembly that can conduct a Trial of Impeachment against a President


    1. Miracle-___: Lawn care product
    2. Assoc. that Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill worked for
    3. A President must take an ___ when being sworn in as President
    4. Initials of the star of "An Officer and a Gentleman" (1982)
    5. This President was succeeded by Vice-President Arthur in 1881
    6. Lanois' rock production partner, occasionally
    7. There have been two Presidents with this surname
    8. Sinn Fein's military wing, for short
    9. This First Lady was the wife of the President at #33D
    10. He's the 23rd President and he is the candidate who the President at #59A lost the election to in 1889
    11. Kimono sash
    12. This Prez was born in a log cabin on February 12th, 1809 in Hardin County (now Larue County) in Kentucky
    13. Dorm job
    19. Presidential Platform
    22. It'll make "ervescent" bubbly
    25. Flightless in Australia
    27. Branch
    32. Presidential monogram
    33. This President was the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force and he launched the Invasion of Normandy (June 6th, 1944) during Word War II
    34. Sante completer
    35. Presidential and Political Matriarch
    36. Certain reply
    38. Atomic #77
    42. Television Tycoon Griffin
    45. The 30th President of the United States
    47. This President was related to Eleanor and Franklin
    49. The President at #1A ___ Martha Dandridge Custis on January 6th, 1759
    51. Romantic Chinese poet who lived from c.700 - c.762: ___ Po
    53. "Magnolia" (1999) co-star (initials)
    54. The name Lewinsky will forever be linked to this President
    56. "Winnie-the-Pooh" (1926) author Milne
    57. Predecessor of due, tre...
    58. Certain response
    60. Certain direction
    61. Flowery garland
    64. Heard on the Presidential Campaign Trail: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you, the future President ___ United States of America!" Clap! Clap! Clap!
    71. Jane Austen's 1816 story
    72. Palace Protector
    74. Second hubby for Presidential First Lady Jackie
    76. French Friend
    77. It'll turn "cl" into Blood Blockages
    79. Small number
    80. Legendary Blues Guitarist King
    83. Prior to being President, George Bush was the U.S. Ambassador to this organization


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