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  • This week's theme: White House Scandals
    More presidential scandals

    1. * She enjoyed Bill's company in the Oval Office
    7. Woodwind instrument
    11. Sports org.
    14. Solution Seeker's Suggestion: "We'll be able to solve this problem if we just ___ imaginations."
    15. * He produced a Report that contained info about the affair #1A had with President Clinton
    17. * Scandal depicted in the movie "All the President's Men" (1976)
    19. City of David
    20. Ms. Gilbert
    21. Don't Depart, minus the "St"
    22. * Name to break the Scandal (via his Internet site) involving #1A
    24. Capone and Capp
    25. Court
    27. In the past
    28. Pro in the ER
    29. * Despite drafting the Declaration of Independence that said "...all men are created equal", President Thomas Jefferson was the owner of slaves. And, genetic tests strongly suggest that he fathered at least one child who was the youngest son (named Eston) of his slave mistress ___.
    35. Wimbledon champion
    36. Mr. Cummings
    37. Fixes up an article
    38. Make Money
    40. * When Andrew Jackson lost out to him to be the sixth President of the United States, Jackson's supporters charged a "corrupt bargain" was involved in his victory, and then spent his term as President campaigning to win Jackson his rightful place in history, as the next President
    43. Frosts
    44. Internet message
    46. Thing in question
    47. Facial expression
    49. * Scandal hit the headlines during the Clinton administration when it was discovered a large-sum campaign contribution would get a White House visitor a chance to sleep in the bed in ___
    52. Plural of "I"
    54. Became
    55. Volcanic Island, with Jima
    56. Small quantity
    57. * Scandal that rocked the Harding administration, with "Dome"
    61. He (Initials) sang "Cat's in the Cradle"
    62. Style of Skirt
    63. Lyric poems
    64. * The White House was criticized for its handling of this event of 1961, with "Invasion"
    68. * The Star Route Scandal which involved the fraudulent dispersal of postal route contracts occurred during this President's administration
    70. * It is believed that to keep things quiet about her escapades will Bill, #1A was given the opportunity to have an interview with this corporation
    72. Ms. Irving
    73. Eye infection, variantly
    74. Chocolate Craver's question: "Can't I just have ___ piece?"


    1. 12th letter of the Greek alphabet
    2. * Controversy remains over whether he assassinated America's 35th President, or not
    3. Approaches
    4. Scintilla
    5. Pool stick
    6. Abbreviation on a Flight Schedule monitor
    7. Give sanction to
    8. Wager
    9. Grumpy
    10. Atomic #99
    11. Compensated
    12. Rum cut with water
    13. Composer of "Rule, Britannia"
    16. Toy Dog, with Shih
    18. British jail
    20. * Mr. Ervin who was chairman of the Senate Select Committee to Investigate Presidential Campaign Practices that probed the scandal at #17A via televised hearings
    23. Eternal City
    25. * The decision to stay out of one, or not, sometimes results in a White House Scandal
    26. Ms. Korbut
    27. Throaty sound
    29. Word with Boom
    30. Famous poet
    31. Set phrase
    32. Mr. Nolte
    33. Communications Co.
    34. Sound from a Snake
    35. Certain Cereal
    38. Conger
    39. "Friend" in France
    41. Power
    42. Like a tortoise
    45. Company emblem
    48. Smokey Robinson hit: "___ Baby Baby"
    50. Question at the Track: "Was a ____ on the horses, today?"
    51. Puerto completer
    52. * He suffered a massive stroke during his Presidency which left critics wondering if he was still in control at the White House, or if his wife took over the decision making
    53. The Greek alphabet's seventh letter
    56. Military instrument
    57. Ancient garment
    58. Cheese on a Party Platter
    59. Bird of prey's nest (var. sp.)
    60. Water Pressure measurement (Acronym)
    61. Jekyll's other side
    62. Bee habitation
    65. Locale of #23D, without the "It"
    66. Angelico the Florentine Artist
    67. Fido, for one
    69. Embodies
    71. State that borders Ontario, for short


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