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  • This week's theme: She-Songwriters
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    1. * Stevie ___ (Acclaimed she-singer-songwriter!)
    6. * "neetneveS fo ___" :ti etorw A1#
    10. * Song penned by Annie Lennox
    13. * First Initial + Last Name of the singer who sang and co-wrote the song "Flashdance... What a Feelin" from the hit movie "Flashdance" (1983) TRIVIA TIDBIT! At the 56th Academy Awards Show, the song won the Oscar for Best Original Song
    14. Make-A-Word! M-o-_-_-t-_-_ (Computer part)
    15. Dagger (bkwds.)
    17. Instrument of India
    18. Green-Eyed monster ...but backwards?
    19. Court game, with Jai
    20. * llehctiM .sM
    21. Orderly reverse?
    22. Name in the Fairy Tale business
    23. Q. "Is ___ _ presidential monogram?" A. "Yes, it is."
    25. * Ms. Gray (Singer and co-writer of the hit song "I Try")
    27. * "uoY ___ esaC A" :A02# yb nettirw gnoS
    28. Mr. Lincoln, to friends
    30. Garfield's pal
    32. * "Electric Youth" singer-songwriter: Debbie ___
    35. * Song co-written by Sheryl Crow: "If It ___ You Happy"
    37. Certain animal
    39. Rocky's salute (bkwds.)
    40. * Song written by #20A
    45. * '___ Angel'
    46. "Yesterday" in Italian ...but backwards?
    47. * "I'm ___ Bird"
    48. * First word in the title of a top-selling album by #49D
    51. Someone who takes others for granted ...but backwards?
    53. mynorca egasod nimatiV
    54. Chicago loop train
    55. Went on a bicycle
    57. Tractor-Trailer
    59. * Melissa Etheridge wrote it: "Bring Me Some ___"
    62. Porridge ingredients
    64. Make-A-Word! C-_-n-_-_-_-e (To the point)
    67. Sound property (bkwds.)
    68. In addition
    69. * Ms. Baker: Singer-Songwriter who co-wrote "Sweet Love"
    70. Monetary unit in Italy
    71. * ___ n' kcoR :ot detubirtnoc evah sretirwgnoS-ehS ynam hcihw erneg lacisuM
    72. * First Name of the singer who wrote the song at #47A
    73. Go downhill ...all jumbled up?
    74. * Last Name of the singer-songwriter who is the subject of the movie "Coal Miner's Daughter" (1980)
    75. * ".seod ehs dna ,od I" .A "?won ratiug eht ___ annodaM fi wonk uoy oD" .Q


    1. Not yet final
    2. * Said by a She-Songwriter trying to get a Record Deal: "___ write songs on any topic, in any style."
    3. * Famous she-songwriter who also sings
    4. * She-Songwriter from Iceland (bkwds.)
    5. * ___ Songs: Sorts of Songs Some She-Songwriters Sing
    6. * She sang and co-wrote "Orinoco Flow"
    7. * Tracy Chapman wrote this hit song
    8. * Ms. Summer who wrote and sang "Dim All the Lights"
    9. Before, to a poet
    10. Put on
    11. Prefix to "copter"
    12. * "sroloC ___ taoC"
    16. * Last Name of the singer-songwriter of "You're So Vain"
    21. Bit
    22. Make-A-Word! _-r-a-t-i-f-_-_-n-g (Pleasurable)
    24. San's follower
    26. Make-A-Word! _-o-_-n-a-_-i-_-n (Blood kinship)
    28. Male sheep ...all shook up?
    29. Sheep's cry
    31. Frankenstein's sidekick
    33. Q. "What is the first name of Mr. Saget, the comic actor?" A. "It's ___ _ think."
    34. * Grammy-winning artist who wrote (or co-wrote), produced and sang the songs on her debut album 'Songs in A Minor' released in 2001 (bkwds.)
    36. Make-A-Word! _-_-p-i-_-n-a-_-e (Undercover work)
    38. * India ___: Singer-Songwriter whose debut album is 'Acoustic Soul'
    41. * Singer-Songwriter of the album at #45A
    42. * Confessional album by #20A
    43. * Album by the Singer-Songwriter at #61D: 'The ___ Shoes'
    44. * 'thgiL fo ___' dellac 8991 fo mubla reh rof sgnos eht etorw-oc dna gnas annodaM
    48. * This singer-songwriter's Last Name is Kilcher
    49. * Ms. Morissette
    50. Slip up
    52. Tripled letter
    56. * Ms. Parton (Singer-Songwriter of #12D)
    58. * "She Works Hard for the ___" (Hit song co-written by #8D)
    60. * Ms. Amos: Singer\Pianist who wrote the song "Cornflake Girl"
    61. * hsuB .sM
    63. * Though she co-wrote most of the songs on her debut album called 'Left of the Middle' --singer\songwriter Natalie Imbruglia didn't write this one which became a huge hit all over the world when it was released as a single (in 1997) prior to the release of the album
    65. * Said before a She-Songwriter concert: "___ be a really great show. I just know it!"
    66. Units of currency in Burma reverse?
    68. * "You're ___ I Need to Get By": Song co-written by Valerie Simpson and her songwriting partner (and husband!), Nickolas Ashford
    69. Indefinite article (pl.)


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