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  • This week's theme: Tea Party

    1. * They're delicious at a Tea Party
    7. Winter mo.
    10. Half of a Sixties singing duo
    13. * Selection of Tea in a Store
    14. Certain Cheese
    15. Gun the engine
    16. Birth Day Exclamation: "___ girl!"
    17. Ma's Mate
    18. Standard, smallily
    19. Summer Season in Strasbourg
    20. Song by the Beatles: "___ I Love You"
    21. Locale of Halifax on an env.
    23. International gr.
    25. Starry start to "al"
    26. Width opposite, for short
    28. Took a try at making the Bat hit the Baseball
    30. She (Initials) sang "Judy's Turn to Cry"
    31. * Direction on a Box of Tea
    34. Baltic, for one
    35. Golly follower
    36. Lingerie drawer item
    37. Music store letters
    38. The 17th letter of the Greek alphabet
    39. Covering on grass, on a crisp morning
    41. * With Lemon, it is added to Tea in the Summer
    43. "Water" in France
    45. Collection of sayings
    46. Pale
    47. * Slightly Smoky Tea Type
    53. Locale of Memphis on an env.
    54. Improper: ___ taste
    55. Big cat
    57. Stone chest
    59. Pet Protecter, punily
    61. Mr. Cool J
    62. In the direction of
    63. * Heard at a Tea Party: "Who ___ all the Cucumber Sandwiches?"
    64. Monetary unit in Albania
    65. Lawrence the Writer
    67. Institute of higher learner, briefly
    69. Boyfriend for Barbie
    70. Black Bird
    71. * The result of taking Blossoms from a certain Shrub and blending them with Green Tea is the creation of this type of Tea (Which shares the name of the Shrub that the Blossoms are plucked from)
    73. Summer hrs. in VA
    74. Train stop, for short
    75. * Along with Sandwiches, they play a major role in a successful (and scrumptious!) Tea Party


    1. * Pots, Creamers, Sugar Bowls, Cups and Saucers = Tea ___
    2. Competition to Cassettes, for short
    3. * Type of Tea, with "Pekoe"
    4. Reply of Refusal
    5. Second Sight, smallily
    6. Connery or Pean
    7. * Delicious Ditty: "Tea ___"
    8. Struggle to Survive
    9. * Word with Tea
    10. Wraths
    11. * One is needed in Tea preparation
    12. * Tea is this kind of Shrub
    13. Pulls to Pieces
    22. Racing letters
    24. Legendary tennis name
    25. Culture medium
    26. * Tea is made from Dried ones that sometimes escape from a Tea Ball and then rest at the Bottom of a Cup after the Tea is Sipped at which time a Tea-Reader reads them to tell the Fortunes of the Teetotaler of said Cup of Tea
    27. Lofty
    29. Compass point
    31. School Session, minus the "ester"
    32. Modern
    33. * Oolong Tea is produced here
    34. * Dessert seen on a Tea Wagon
    38. Demolish
    39. Genetic letters
    40. * Black Tea that is scented with the Oil of Bergamont (A pear-shaped Fruit grown in the Mediterranean): ___ Grey
    42. * Tea such as that at #41A is available in a what?
    44. Such being the case: ___ is
    45. Rock band
    48. * Afternoon Tea is appreciated here: ___ Kingdom
    49. Not there
    50. * It's at a place setting of an Invitee to a Tea Party
    51. * Drinking Tea will sooth those who what?
    52. Radio control
    56. * "___ and scandal are the best sweeteners of Tea." - Henry Fielding (b.1707 - d.1754)
    58. Transmitted
    60. Parts of Speech, for short
    62. * Teas are often packaged in them
    64. Vegas completer
    66. Country music show: "Hee ___" (TV)
    68. Parasitic insect egg
    72. Hinton of Books


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