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The Question:

I received an email from a friend stating that she had received a note from a friend that she had a virus. When I checked to see if I did, sure enough it was there. According to my computer, though, jdbgmgr.exe is a Microsoft Debugger Registrar for Java. Is jdbgmgr.exe a virus?

The Answer:

Turns out this is a hoax. According to George Washington University's online help desk, jdbgmgr.exe is "a 'Java Debugger Manager' file, i.e., a legitimate Windows file. While deleting it does not affect the proper function of your computer, its absence may affect proper running of Java Applets on your computer. Java Applets are small computer programs written in Java, and sent along web pages to users. They range from animations to calculation programs that run on your computer."

You can also visit the Symantec site for more information about the hoax.

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