Roy Rogers' Horse Trigger

Updated February 23, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

The Question:

Where was Roy Rogers' original horse, Trigger, born?

The Answer:

Trigger was a palomino stallion. Originally named "Golden Cloud", Trigger met up with Rogers in 1938, after he (the horse) had just finished performing in The Adventures of Robin Hood. Roy and Trigger began their lengthy film career together with Washington Cowboy.

Trigger died in 1965 at age 33, which is old for a horse. His impressive equine career had earned him the title of "the smartest horse in the movies." After his death, Rogers had Trigger stuffed and mounted. Trigger presently rests among the exhibits at the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum.

Unfortunately, we've uncovered no information on where Trigger was actually born. For more information on Roy and Trigger, check out the official Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Web Site.

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