Smith Brothers

Updated February 23, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

The Question:

What were the first names of the two Smith brothers of Smith Brothers' Cough Drops fame?

The Answer:

The first names of the bearded brothers pictured on packages of Smith Brothers' Cough Drops are (from left to right) William and Andrew.

Their names are not "Trade" and "Mark," as one might think by looking at the drops' packaging. It was only a coincidence that those words (trademark) appeared underneath their pictures when the brothers decided to put their portraits on the glass bowl in which shopkeepers kept their drops in the 1870's.

"Smith" was the brothers' real last name. They inherited the company from its founder, James Smith (their father), who died in 1866.

For more about the history of the Smith Brothers' Cough Drops, click on this link to F & F Foods, the company that acquired the Smith Brothers' company in 1964.

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