Stanely Cup Champions

Updated February 23, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

The Question:

I was browsing your pages on the Stanley Cup Champions, and had a few questions I really hoped you could answer:

First of all, why aren't there any losers listed before 1917?

Also, why are there two losers to Ottawa in 1923, and two to Montreal in 1924?

The Answer:

We don't have any record of who the losers were before 1917 because the NHL doesn't seem to have an accurate record of that information. We consulted the National Hockey League Official Guide and Record Book, and it lists the same information we do.

If you want to look for further information, we suggest contacting someone at the Hockey Hall of Fame, Research/Library Department at (416)360-7735.

Your answer to the 1923-24 question can be found in the third paragraph on the Stanley Cup page in our Sports Almanac.

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