What holidays do they celebrate in Iceland?

Updated February 23, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

The Question:

What holidays are celebrated in Iceland? The only one I know about is June 17th being the national holiday.

The Answer:

In addition to Independence Day on June 17, here are some other unique holidays celebrated in Iceland:

  • Thorrablot (mid-Jan. through mid-Feb.) - a month-long homage to their Viking heritage
  • Bolludagur or "Bun Day" - two days before Lent, bakeries, restaurants and the like make sweet buns for eating.
  • Sprengidagur or "Bursting Day" - day before Lent, everywhere people eat "sprengidagur," which is a salted meat and peas dish.
  • Beer Day (March 1) - started in 1989 after a 75-year long prohibition on beer was lifted.
  • Sjomannadagur or "Seafarer's Day" (June 6) - day of competitions and celebrations in Iceland's fishing villages.

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