(Paul Hewson)
singer, songwriter
Born: 5/10/1960
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland

As lead singer for the Irish rock group U2, Bono has always been the most vocal and charismatic member of the group. He has made up for what he lacks in vocal prowess with a mesmerizing—and ever evolving—stage presence. Bono's lyrics challenge typical rock-n-roll conventions. His songs cover politics, religion, and social issues and tend to shun tales of love and loss. Despite an arduous recording and touring schedule, Bono has dedicated a large part of his life to humanitarian efforts. He is devoted to canceling the debt of impoverished third world nations, wiping out poverty—particularly in Africa, and expanding access to antiretroviral drugs that help control HIV. In 2005, Bono and Bill and Melinda Gates were named TIME magazine's Persons of the Year.

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