grunge-punk band

In the mid-1980s, Art Alexakis decided to kick his drug habit and focus on music. He formed a country punk band, Colorfinger, in San Francisco. After the band split he moved with his girlfriend to Portland, Oregon, where in 1982, he formed Everclear with Craig Montoya (bass, vocals) and Scott Cuthbert (drums). Cuthbert was quickly replaced by Greg Eklund. For $400 the band released a demo tape that, along with additional material, became their debut album on Capital Records, World of Noise. “Santa Monica” and “Heroin Girl” from Sparkle and Fade (1995) were made popular by alternative radio. Alexakis's stint as alternative media reporter for MTV during the 1996 political conventions helped to cement Everclear's visibility. They've maintained their popularity with Songs from an American Movie, Vol 1(1997) and Vol 2 (2000).

Art Alexakis

Born: 4/12/1962
Birthplace: West Los Angeles, California

Craig Montoya

Born: 9/14/1970
Birthplace: Spokane, Washington

Greg Eklund

Born: 4/18/1970
Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida
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