Fats Domino

R&B and rock 'n' roll musician
Born: Feb. 26, 1928
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana

Born Antoine Domino in New Orleans, Domino learned to play piano as a child, making his first public performance at age 10. After quitting high school, he worked in a factory and sang and played at nightclubs. At that time he met trumpeter Dave Bartholomew, who became his longtime songwriting partner. By the fifties Domino was producing records and climbing the R&B charts. In 1955, he had his first huge hit, “Ain't That A Shame.” The song was covered by white singer Pat Boone, and Boone's version became a number one hit. Fats Domino's version made it to number 10 at the same time. In 1956 Domino had five hits in the Top 40, among them, “I'm In Love Again” and “Blueberry Hill.” “Blueberry Hill” became Domino's biggest hit ever. He continued to have hits throughout the fifties and sixties—in all, an astounding 37 of his songs reached the Top 40 and another 59 on the R&B charts. An early rock 'n' roll pioneer, Domino blended R&B, country, Cajun blues, zydeco and other styles, creating an inimical sound that greatly influenced a wide range of rock musicians.

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