Gwyneth Paltrow

Born: 9/27/1972
Birthplace: Los Angeles

Paltrow made her feature film debut in Steven Spielberg's, Hook (1991). But it was her appearance in the mini-series, Cruel Doubt, alongside her mother (actress Blythe Danner) that sparked a prolific career. Since then, Paltrow has acted in more than a dozen films, including Malice (1993), Seven (1995), Emma (1996), Great Expectations (1998), A Perfect Murder (1998) and Sliding Doors (1988). Other films include The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999), Bounce (2000) and The Anniversary Party (2001). She won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her performance in Shakespeare in Love (1998). Gwyneth plays Maureen Dean in the “Watergate women” movie Dirty Tricks with Meryl Streep, Annette Bening, and Jill Clayburgh.

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