Hedda Hopper

(Elda Furry)
actress, gossip columnist
Born: 6/2/1890
Birthplace: Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania

She began her career as a chorus girl on Broadway, where she met and married DeWolf Hopper, a stage matinee idol who was famous for reciting Casey at the Bat. She moved on to silent films and became a featured player by 1916 in The Battle of Hearts. She starred in 120 films over the ensuing 23 years, but is best remembered for her Hollywood gossip, peddled initially through her radio show, then in a gossip column, then later in documentaries in the 1940s entitled Hedda Hopper's Hollywood. She had a notorious feud with rival Louella Parsons, and had a huge collection of hats.

Died: 2/1/1966
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