James Galway

Born: 12/8/1939
Birthplace: Belfast, Northern Ireland

James Galway has achieved unparalleled success as a classical flutist, largely because of his frequent forays into popular music. Galway began his professional career as a flutist with the Wind Band of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Sadler's Wells Orchestra (1960–65). He also appeared as the principal flutist with the London Symphony Orchestra the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (1967–69), and as the solo flutist for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (1969–75), after which he embarked on a solo career. Singles from Galway's many albums have landed him on Europe's pop charts, including his rendition of John Denver's “Annie's Song” (1978). Galway also commissions a good deal of original pieces, which makes him popular with up and coming composers. In addition, Galway has authored James Galway: An Autobiography (1978).

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