Jennifer Love Hewitt

actress, singer
Born: 2/21/1979
Birthplace: Waco, Texas

Best known for her portrayal of Sarah on the teen drama Party of Five (1995–1999) and its spinoff Time of Your Life (1999–2000), Hewitt has also successfully made the leap to the big screen. She appeared in Munchie (1992) and opposite Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993) before landing her first starring role in I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) and its equally gory though devoid of credible plot elements sequel, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998). She starred with Jackie Chan in the disappointing The Tuxedo (2002). Hewitt is a versatile performer, and in fact began her career singing and dancing. She has released several CDs, including Let's Go Bang (1995) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (1996). Her dancing repertoire includes ballet, jazz, and tap, and she has worked as a dancer in the Dance! Workout with Barbie (1991) video, and did trade shows in Germany and Japan as an L.A. Gear dancer. She stars in the CBS drama The Ghost Whisperer.