Kate Millett

(Kathryn Murray)
writer, political activist, artist
Born: 9/14/1934
Birthplace: St. Paul, Minnesota

Kate Millet's Columbia University Ph.D. dissertation, Sexual Politics (1970), placed her at the forefront of the women's movement. Her political works also include The Prostitution Papers (1973) and The Politics of Cruelty (1994). Millett has also published extensively on personal issues, including her autobiography, Flying (1974), Sita (1977) the story of a doomed romantic relationship, The Loony Bin Trip (1990), Millett's story of institutionalization following a mental breakdown, and A.D.—Millett's story of her Aunt Dorothy and the rift in their relationship caused by her aunt's reaction to Millett's lesbianism. Also a visual artist, Millet founded the Women's Art Colony Farm and has shown her work internationally.

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