Lou Reed

(Lewis Allen Reed)
musician, guitarist, singer, song writer
Born: 3/ 2/1942
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York

Known for his toneless voice and street-smart lyrics, Lou Reed never aspired to conformity. Reed started writing songs for a record company after graduating from college. After deciding he was unable to write top 40 tunes, he formed the band The Velvet Underground. Reed's performance was considered avant-garde, far different from the typical 1960s sentiments. While singles like “Waiting For My Man” were not hits when released, they later became classics. Reed left the band in 1970 and started writing about the Manhattan street where he lived. A year later he released Transformer (1972), which included Reed's most popular song, “Walk on the Wild Side.” Other solid albums followed, including Berlin (1973) and Metal Machine Music (1975). In 1993 Reed joined other members of the Velvet Underground for a reunion tour of Europe.

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