Matchbox 20

rock band

Matchbox 20's debut, Yourself or Someone Like You (1996) was a bit late to the grunge-rock party defined by early-90's acts like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam. Yet the band's dedication to building its fan base through incessant touring pushed the release to multi-platinum status and established it as a definitive example of the alternative genre. After singer/songwriter Rob Thomas met drummer Paul Doucette and bassist Brian Yale, the three paid dues on the Orlando, Florida, club scene for several years. In 1996, the trio added guitarists Adam Gaynor and Kyle Cook and christened the new configuration Matchbox 20. Soon after, radio and MTV hits like the Grammy-nominated “Push” put the band on the fast track to stardom. Named Best New Band (1998) in the Rolling Stone Readers' Poll, leader Thomas ultimately converted the baby-boomer set and collected three Grammy awards (including Record of the Year) when he co-wrote and sang Carlos Santana's 1999 smash, “Smooth.” The band's second album, mad season by matchbox 20, was released in 2000.

Rob Thomas

Born: 2/14/1972
Birthplace: U.S. Military base, Germany

Kyle Cook

Born: 8/29/1975
Birthplace: Frankfort, IN

Adam Gaynor

Born: 11/26/1964
Birthplace: Florida

Paul Doucette

Born: 8/22/1972
Birthplace: Pittsburgh, PA

Brian Yale

Born: 11/14/1968
Birthplace: Connecticut
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