Michael Keaton

(Michael John Douglas)
Born: 9/9/1951
Birthplace: Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

Film actor best known for his comedic roles in movies such as Mr. Mom (1983), and his two films as Batman (1989, 1992). Keaton started off in the acclaimed Second City improvisational group in Chicago in 1975, and soon moved on to LA. His first big film was Mr. Mom; his next big appearance was as a whacky ghost in the largely successful Beetlejuice (1988). Some say his decision to not appear in the third Batman movie was a mistake, and it certainly seems that his star has dimmed since he played the caped crusader in the late '80s. Film credits include Clean and Sober (1988), Much Ado About Nothing (1993), My Life (1993), Multiplicity (1996), Jackie Brown (1997), and A Shot at Glory (2000).

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