Paul Reiser

actor, comedian, writer
Born: 3/30/1957
Birthplace: New York City

Emmy Award winner Paul Reiser found little success in his first attempts as a stand-up comedian, so he started working at his father's health food store. But after realizing he preferred entertainment to tofu, Reiser got back on stage. His new stand-up routine impressed an agent, who cast him in Diner (1982). Reiser then appeared in Aliens (1984), Beverly Hills Cop (1984) and its sequel (1987), and the television show, My Two Dads (1987). But it was the success of Emmy-winning Mad About You (1992–1999), in which he created, co-produced and stared, that won him true celebrity status. Reiser has also appeared in the films Mr. Write (1994), Bye Bye, Love (1995), and One Night at McCool's (2001).

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