Shawn Colvin

folk singer
Born: 1/10/1956
Birthplace: Vermillion, South Dakota

Folk singer and songwriter best known for her songs “Diamond in the Rough” (1990) and “Sunny Come Home” (1998). So far in her career, Colvin has racked up three Grammy Awards. She won Best Contemporary Folk Recording for her debut album, Steady On (1990) and took home Record of the Year and Song the Year for “A Few Small Repairs” (1998). Colvin left college to perform, playing in Texas, San Francisco, Boston and New York. Her other albums include Fat City (1993), for which she received two Grammy nominations, Cover Girl (1994), and A Few Small Repairs (1996). Colvin left New York City in the late eighties and now resides in Texas. She gave birth to a daughter, Caledonia, in August 1998.

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