Shelby Lynne

country singer and songwriter
Born: 10/22/1968
Birthplace: Quantico, Virginia

Lynne's emotional range has earned her comparisons with the legendary Patsy Cline. Born into a musical family and raised in Alabama, a budding mother/daughter duo career was ended in the mid-1980s when Lynne's father shot her mother and then himself. She began singing in local clubs and contests, and after one TV appearance, George Jones asked her to sing a duet with him. The result, “If I Could Bottle This Up,” made it into the Country Top 50 in 1988. A reputation for being difficult and an inability to get air time on radio stations has hampered Lynne's career. Her debut single as a solo act,“ Under Your Spell Again,” scratched the Top 100 in 1989. Frustrated with her recording label after 1991's Soft Talk, she moved to another for Temptation (1993), an album that revealed Lynne's affection for big band. Another label change resulted in Restless (1995) with jazz and rock & roll action. In 2000, I Am Shelby Lynne, produced was targeted at European markets. In 2001, belated recognition came in the form of a Best New Artist Grammy Award.

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