Tom Cruise

(Thomas Cruise Mapother IV)
Born: 7/3/1962
Birthplace: Syracuse, New York

Versatile actor known for both the wide range of roles he has played and his boyish good looks. One of Hollywood's biggest stars, Cruise burst onto the scene in Risky Business (1983) and has enjoyed critical acclaim in movies such as Rain Man (1988) while also surviving critical bombs such as Cocktail (1988). His other films include Born on the Fourth of July (1989), Jerry Maguire (1996), Magnolia (1999), appearances in Mission: Impossible (1996) and the sequel Mission: Impossible 2 (2000). He was married to actress Nicole Kidman (1990–2001), with whom he starred in Far and Away (1992) Days of Thunder (1990) and Eyes Wide Shut (1999).

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