Crown Prince Naruhito

Eldest son, and heir, of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan
Born: 2/23/1960
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Also known as Prince Hiro, Crown Prince Naruhito graduated from Gakushuin University in 1982 with a degree in history. He then entered the graduate program at the university, concentrating on Japanese medieval history. In 1983, the Crown Prince enrolled in the graduate school at Oxford University in England, studying commodity transport on the Thames in the later 1800s. After traveling through Europe and North America, he returned to Japan in 1985, obtaining a master's degree from Gakushuin in 1988. He has since worked at the university as a researcher on Japanese medieval history. In 1993, he married Masako Owada, the daughter of a senior Japanese diplomat. On December 1, 2001, the couple had a baby daughter, Princess Aiko. Since there are no male heirs after the Crown Prince, it is possible Japanese law could be changed to allow females to ascend to the throne. The Crown Prince often participates in official ceremonies, and has made several state visits to foreign countries. He plays the viola and the violin. He also enjoys tennis and mountain climbing and belongs to the Japanese Alpine Club.

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