Togo Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information: 4/30/2012

Prime Min. Gilbert Fossoun HOUNGBO
Min. of Agriculture, Animal Breeding, & Fisheries Kossi Messan EWOVOR
Min. of Arts & Culture Yacoubou Koumadjo HAMADOU
Min. of Communications Djimon ORE
Min. of Cooperation, Development, & Land Settlement Gilbert BAWARA
Min. of Economic Affairs & Finance Adji Otheth AYASSOR
Min. of Environment & Forest Resources Kossivi AYIKOE
Min. of Grassroots Development, Crafts, & Youth Employment Victoire Sidemeho TOMEGAH-DOGBE
Min. of Health Charles Condji AGBA
Min. of Higher Education & Research Franois AGBIVIAD GALLEY
Min. of Human Rights, Democracy, & Civic Education Leonardina Rita Doris WILSON-DE SOUZA
Min. of Industry, Free Trade Zone, & Technological Innovation Bakalawa FOFANA
Min. of Justice & Keeper of the Seals Tchitchao TCHALIM
Min. of Labor, Employment, & Social Security Octave Nicoue BROOHM
Min. of Mines & Energy Noupokou DAMIPI
Min. of Planning & Housing Clement Komlan NUNYABU
Min. of Population, Social Affairs, & Advancement of Women Kangi DIALLO, Dr.
Min. of Posts & Telecommunication Cina LAWSON
Min. of Primary & Secondary Education & Literacy Bernadette Essozimna LEGUEZIM-BALOUKI
Min. of the Promotion of Women Henriette Olivia AMEDJOGBE-KOUEVI
Min. of Public Works Tchamdja ANDJO
Min. of Relations With Institutions of the Republic Ninsao GNAFAME
Min. of Security & Civil Protection Gnama Dokissima LATTA
Min. of Social Affairs & National Solidarity Memounatou IBRAHIMA
Min. of Sports & Leisure Padumhkou TCHAO
Min. of Technical Education & Professional Training Hamadou Brim BOURIMA-DIABACTE
Min. of Territorial Admin. & Decentralization, Local Authorities, & Govt. Spokesman Pascal Akoussoulelou BODJANA
Min. of Trade & Promotion of Private Sector Artheme Seleagodji AHOOMEY-ZUNU
Min. of Transport Ninsao GNOFAM
Min. of Youth & Sports Oulegah KEYEWA
Min. of State & Min. of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation Elliot OHIN
Min. of State & Min. of Public Admin. & Admin. Reform Solitoki Magnim ESSO
Min.-Del. to the Pres. in Charge of Planning & Development Dede Ahouefa EKUE
Min.-Del. to the Prime Min. in Charge of the Private Sector & the Development of the Free Trade Zone Guy MADJE
Min.-Del. to the Min. of Agriculture in Charge of Rural Infrastructure Gourdigou KOLANI
Sec. of State to the Prime Min. for Youth & Sports Manzinewe BITHO
Dir., Central Bank
Ambassador to the US Kadangha Iimbiya BARIKI
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Kodjo MENAN