Kids from India

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  • Continent: Southern Asia
  • Climate: Varies; northern areas have winter snow, while elsewhere it is generally hot. The rainy season begins in June and lasts four to seven months, depending on location.
  • School:
    • The school year begins in April in most of north and east India, and in June in most of south and west India.
    • Barely half of children in India finish primary school. Dropout rates are higher for girls; only about 40% of adult women in India can read.
    • Pachisi (Parcheesi) has been called India's “national game.” Kite flying is also a widespread passion.
    • Hockey, cricket and soccer are very popular. Kabaddi, a complex, fast-paced team contact sport, is now played throughout Asia.
    • The “joint family” system is a common tradition, in which the families of several brothers (usually) live together.
    • Tens of millions of children in India—more than in any other country—work to help support their families.
    Signature foods:
    • Chapati, an unleavened bread that is cooked on a griddle until brown and bubbly, then spread with butter or oil
    • India's famous chutneys—fresh or cooked relishes—are used at almost every meal. Nuts, chilies, fruits, herbs and spices are common chutney ingredients.
    Interesting animals:
    • The Indian rhinoceros, a solitary, single-horned animal that spends much of its time wallowing in mud
    • The quick-moving pygmy hog, the world's smallest pig—weighing just 10 pounds
  • Unique holiday: Diwali, the five-day autumn “festival of lights” that illuminates homes and temples throughout India with candles and oil lamps.
  • Did you know? Two of the world's major religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, were founded in India. Today India also has significant populations of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Jains.

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