Like Mother, Like Daughter

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her daughter, Harriot - from a daguerreotype 1856
Elizabeth Cady Stanton and daughter Harriet

"In search of my mother's garden, I found my own."-Alice Walker

These women have followed in their mothers' footsteps:


Sarah Goddard was a printer in colonial America. Her daughter Katherine was the first to print the Declaration of Independence.


Nowadays, the nickname "Lucy Stoner" is given to women who keep their own last names after marrying.

Lucy Stone , one of the leaders of the nineteenth century women's suffrage movement had a daughter, Alice Stone Blackwell (Blackwell was her father's name). Alice was also a feminist and very active in the women's rights movement.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton 's daughter, Harriet Stanton Blatch, organized the Equality League of Self-Supporting Women in 1907. Elizabeth was one of the leaders of the mid-nineteenth century women's movement.


Belle Starr was dubbed the "Bandit Queen" of the Wild West. She was an outlaw who was killed under mysterious circumstances. Her daughter, Pearl, also became an outlaw.


Both Marie Curie and her daughter Irene Joliot-Curie were Nobel Prize-winning physicists.

Betty Rozier and her daughter Lisa Vallino invented a device that made intravenous procedures safer and and more comfortable for patients.


Leola Hopkins was the first woman to enlist in the U.S. Navy after the outbreak of World War II. Her mother was a corporal in the female Marine reserve unit during World War I.


Liza Minnelli is a performer who sings and dances. Her mother, Judy Garland , was a singer, dancer, and actor.

Maybelle Carter was an original member of the Carter Family, an American country and folk singing group. After the group broke up, Maybelle and her daughters, June, Anita, and Helen, became regulars at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. Later, "Mother" Maybelle and her daughters founded a country music dynasty.

Michelle Phillips was a member of the '70s singing group The Mamas and the Papas. Her daughter Chynna Phillips was recently a singer in the popular trio Wilson Phillips.

Keisha Jackson started singing backup for her mother, soul singer Millie Jackson, at the age of 15. She then struck out on her own, recording two successful albums by 1994.

Wynonna Judd started her Country singing career with her mother, Naomi Judd. The duo called themselves The Judds and sold more than 20 million records worldwide, won 5 Grammy's, 9 CMA Awards, and 8 Billboard Music Awards. Wyonna went on to become a world-renown Country solo artist with 20 #1 hits. Wynonna's sister, Ashley Judd, is a leading Hollywood actress.


Kate Hudson followed in the footsteps of her Academy Award-winning mother, Goldie Hawn, becoming a leading Hollywood actress. Hudson received an Oscar nomination in 2000 for her role in, Almost Famous.

The German-born American actress, Jaid Barrymore, started her daughter, Drew Barrymore, acting as a child. Drew was a hit in Steven Spielberg's E.T., but it wasn't until her late twenties when she became a Hollywood star and respected actress.

Carol Burnett, the Emmy Award-winning actress, comedian, singer, and dancer was the star of The Carol Burnett Show, which ran on television for 11 years, was also mother of actress, singer, and playright, Carrie Hamilton.

Mia Farrow, who is a leading Hollywood actress, winner of a Golden Globe Award for her role in Rosemary's Baby, and recipient of three BAFTA Film nominations, began her acting career with her mother, actress Maureen O'Sullivan, who is best-known for her role as Jane Parker in six Tarzan movies.

Actress Diane Ladd co-starred in the films Wild at Heart and Rambling Rose with her daughter, Laura Dern. They also starred in another David Lynch film together called Inland Empire. In 1991, both Ladd and Dern received Academy Award nominations for their roles in Rambling Rose, which marked the first time in Academy Award history that both mother and daughter were nominated. In the same year, they were nominated for dual Golden Globe Awards as well.


Hilma Wolitzer started writing fiction at the kitchen table with her kids and her dogs around her. One of those kids, her daughter Meg, published her first novel, Friends for Life, in 1994, at the same time her mother published her novel Tunnel of Love. They went on a seven-city promotional tour together.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was a British author born to well-known writer, philosopher, feminist, and educator Mary Wollstonecraft. Mary Shelley was best-known for her historical and Gothic novels, and for her marriage to writer Percy Bysshe Shelley.

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