Arthur Negus

antiques expert, broadcaster
Born: 1903
Birthplace: Reading, Berkshire, England

Born into a family steeped in traditional antiques, he began running the family business at age 17. His expertise and reputation flourished, and in 1946 he joined Bruton, Knowles & Co., auctioneers of fine antiques based in Gloucester. He appeared as a panel member on the television series Going for a Song (1966–76) where he was called upon to give his opinion on the value of antiques. He resumed his television career in 1982 with Arthur Negus Enjoys (1982) and The Antiques Roadshow (1982–83). He also wrote books, including Going for a Song: English Furniture (1969) and A Life Among Antiques (1982).

Died: 1985
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