Currier & Ives Biography


When one conjures up an image of Americana, chances are it's an image seen on one of the paintings, posters, or handbills produced by Currier & Ives. Currier had begun the business in 1835, but it wasn't until Ives joined him as a partner in 1857 that the firm became recognized for the artistry in its scenes of everyday American life, including horse-drawn carriages and sleighs, yachts, trains, and nature scenes, especially popular as Christmas cards. Original prints and paintings are coveted collectors' items even today. Currier and Ives were succeeded by their sons, who ran the business until it was liquidated in 1907.

James Ives

artist, publisher
Born: 3/5/1824
Birthplace: New York City

Ives was originally hired to be Currier's bookkeeper, but his art education led him to dabble in producing the drawings and paintings himself.

Died: 1/3/1895

Nathaniel Currier

lithographer, publisher
Born: 3/27/1813
Birthplace: Roxbury, Mass.
Died: 11/20/1888
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