The original Silicon Valley pioneers, the pair used their Stanford degrees to turn their garage-based business into one of the largest computer manufacturing companies in the world. They began by developing specialized measuring devices, eventually producing the hugely popular HP-35, a programmable scientific calculator. During World War II, they begin to design microwave products, beginning with a radar-jamming device. The company continues to grow as its founders articulate a management philosophy that comes to be known as “the HP Way.” The philosophy emphasizes employee empowerment and includes one of the earliest profit-sharing plans. Eventually, the company focuses on desktop and minicomputers, then branches out into printers and other computing devices.

William Hewlett

computer industry pioneer
Born: 1913
Birthplace: Ann Arbor, Mich.

Founded the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in 1996 as a vehicle for the couple's philanthropic endeavors.

Died: 2001

David Packard

computer industry pioneer
Born: 9/7/1912
Birthplace: Pueblo, Colo.
Died: 3/26/1996