Isaac Gimbel

Born: 1857
Birthplace: Vincennes, Ind.

Began working in his father's retailing enterprise at age 13. With his seven brothers, formed the Gimbel Brothers chain of stores in Milwaukee (1889), Philadelphia (1894) and eventually New York (1910), where Isaac was manager. He became president when the firm was incorporated in 1922, and the company was further expanded through the acquisition of Saks and Company in 1923. Isaac's son Bernard Gimbel took over as president from 1927–53, when his son, Bruce, replaced him as president. The company was sold to Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corp. in 1973, and by 1987 the last of the Gimbel stores had closed.

Bernard Gimbel

merchant, retailer
Born: 1885
Birthplace: Vincennes, Ind.
Died: 1966

Bruce Gimbel

merchant, retailer
Born: 1913
Birthplace: New York City
Died: 1931