Josiah Wedgwood

Born: 7/12/1730
Birthplace: Burslem, Staffordshire, England

The man whose name is synonymous with fine china grew up surrounded by pottery. At the age of 14 he partnered with Thomas Whieldon and began to devise improved wares. He expanded the business, opening factories in Burslem (1759) and near Hanley (1769), which he called “Etruria”. His concern for the welfare of his workers inspired him to establish a village for them at Etruria. He took on marketing expert Thomas Bentley (1730–80), as partner (1768–80) and together they expanded the market for Wedgwood's wares using Bentley's new marketing techniques. Wedgwood's later work is characterized by his invention of new processes and designs, including works featuring unglazed black basalt and his trademark blue jasper with raised designs in white.

Died: 1/3/1795
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