Samuel Milton Jones

inventor, manufacturer, reformer
Born: 8/3/1846
Birthplace: Carnarvonshire, Wales

Jones began working in the oil fields of Ohio and Pennsylvania when he was only 10 years old, and gained enough experience to go into business fo himself and to begin inventing tools to improve the efficiency of oil wells. He formed the Acme Sucker Rod Company in 1894 to manufacture his inventions, and made a fortune. His success was due in part to his employment policies, which included an eight-hour day, paid vacations, and a strict adherence to the “Golden Rule,” earning him the nickname of “Golden Rule” Jones. He parlayed his popularity with workers into political success, winning election as mayor of Toledo for four straight terms (1897–1904) despite opposition from business leaders. While in office, he introduced paid vacations and eight-hour work days for municipal employees.

Died: 7/12/1904
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