Tei Fu Chen

skin care entrepreneur
Born: 1948
Birthplace: Chiayi, Taiwan

Chen studied Chinese medicine and attended pharmacy school in Tawian. He married Oi Lin. The couple came to the United States in 1974. Chen studied chemistry and microbiology at Brigham Young University, with the intention of attending medical school. While Chen was rejected to medical school, Oi-Lin however, received a medical degree in 1982. Chen meanwhile began preparing herbal mixtures, which he sold from their Salt Lake City, Utah, apartment. Sunrider International was born. Two years later the Chens moved the company to Los Angeles and expanded to manufacture herbal cosmetics, food, and household cleaners. The company grew into one of the largest herbal products firms in the United States, with 300,000 distributors around the world and sales of $700 million. Chen is chairman and CEO of the privately held company, while Oi-Lin is president and COO.

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