Astrological Signs

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

The Zodiac

Twelve constellations, together called ?the Zodiac,? form a circle around Earth. As Earth revolves around the Sun , a different part of the sky becomes visible, and each month a different one of these 12 constellations can be seen above the horizon.

The word Zodiac means ?circle of figures? or ?circle of life.?

symbol for aries
Aries (Ram): March 21?April 19
symbol of Taurus
Taurus (Bull): April 20?May 20
symbol for gemini
Gemini (Twins): May 21?June 20
symbol for cancer
Cancer (Crab): June 21?July 22
Leo (Lion): July 23?Aug. 22
Virgo (Virgin): Aug. 23?Sept. 22
Libra (Scales): Sept. 23?Oct. 22
Scorpio (Scorpion): Oct. 23?Nov. 21
Sagittarius (Archer): Nov. 22?Dec. 21
Capricorn (Goat): Dec. 22?Jan. 19
Aquarius (Water Bearer): Jan. 20?Feb. 18
Pisces (Fish): Feb. 19?March 20
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